Copyright 1996 (epilogue added 2003)--Tes Staylace

"He grasped her slender waist and felt the firm contours of her snugly embraced form, the essence of her fragrances enhanced by the knowledge that he was under her spell, and she under his. The room swam, and began to match the pastels surrounding the milky-white satin stays about her womanly conformation; and he walked his manly hands toward the rear of her bodice, searching and exploring the laces which enforced the prison of her rapture, the barricade which, when breached, would not hold the flow of her amour, the outpouring of her perfume."

Well, well now. That is provocative, no? And enticing.

The corset as an aid to romantic endeavor has been neglected for too long a time and, while "bodice rippers" abound in modern literature, very few, if any, are attentive to the strong, powerful allure the corset has to heighten the sensation of sexual tension and, ultimately, release.

Indeed, many accounts of wedding corsets are immortalized in letters written by the Victorian generation. The symbolism is inescapable: The vulnerable female is protected from the conquering male by a shell of whalebone and fabric, girded against the temptations of the erotic by the tightness about her waist. Thus attired, she is unable to give in to the seduction of the bridegroom without a long and protracted period of inducement, for the shedding of the corset is, in itself a veritable ritual, acted out in a drama of challenge and retreat, hope and rebuke. Back and forth the nuptial lovers parry, his inamorata playing her beguiling game of passion, untilshe is ready. And then, she allows the first, tentative, unlacing. Just a bit! For her emotions cannot bear to hold back -- and she fears that a quick undoing of her only shield will unleash a fiery fury of ardor from which she will never returnwith which she just cannot deal!

Soslowly it goes: The groom becomes frustrated, but loves his bride enough to be cognizant of her torture; he is solicitous. A little loosening here, a long, protracted kiss on her thigha bit more of the lace away from the corset, a caress of her soft, silky tresses, which only leads, once again, to her ever-floundering laces. And little by little, the preemptive deed is done: the garment lies loose about her, her breasts heaving, his hands having flanked the barricades to his desire, his passion entering the gates, their breathing heavy, as she gives to him his prize, no longer able to deny her climax, her prize.

In a manner of speaking, the corset acts in an obverse manner to bondage games in which lovers sometime indulge. The submissive in a B&D scenario can rest assured that s(he) is not responsible for the ravishment upon her -- she has little, if any, control. As a corsetee, that same submissive knows that her control is lost when the bondage (corset) is taken away. To further add to the complexity, the tightness of a corset tends to engorge her pubic area, heightening the desire to lose herself in his attention.

So, to add a little spice to our romantic adventure, the groom lightly binds his brides wrists together. More of the "advance and retreat" doctrine. Certain ladies who might have some Puritan guilt about the consummate act can then relax, feeling to have no responsibility for what happens to them. At the same time, then, the corset lengthens the process so she can adjust, as well as indulge in an arousal perhaps never before felt.

Part of the joy a woman obtains from wearing a corset under her gown is from the look in her new husbands surprised eyes. Most men are fascinated by this garment and, with a little urging from the bride, will not hesitate to participate in wedding-corset ritual. It will be a strong libido-enhancing dimension for him as well, requiring him to hold back his impulses for a much finer finale.

The corset can also add a special romance to the wedding ceremony itself. Gowns underpinned with hook-and-eye long-line strapless brassieres have an entirely different look than a gown whose foundation is firmly anchored to an unyielding, laced corset. The lady moves differently; she is elegant, graceful, and her feminine strength glows far beyond the moment. She is self-confident, and a certain mystical feeling of romance stirs within. She is the envy of all the females in the audience, and she has a sense of being fatally attractive to all the men present. The gown is unique, as it spreads from her diminutive waist, and onlookers know it takes a special lady to accommodate herself to this special look from the past.

Potential brides should, however, be aware that, since gown fittings require the foundation garments to be worn, the corset would be ordered well in advance. Many corsettieres require as much as eight weeks to deliver your pair of stays. In this case, a personal fitting should be considered, so the corsettiere can make recommendations based upon the style of the gown (a picture of which should be provided). If this is not possible, extreme care should be taken to furnish proper measurements, using the chart any professional corsettiere will provide for its customers.

That once-in-a-lifetime event should harbor no inhibitionsfashion-wise and, certainly romance-wise.

"A tiny waist is a wonder to behold--exotic artistry of the female form!" 


One of the more often overlooked romantic and erotic aspects of corset wearing is transferred BODY WARMTH.  Following his/her wearing a corset for an extended period time, feeling the intimate warmth of your partner's body lingering in his or her corset in the few seconds after (s)he takes it off, is immensely sensual! Try it! You'll like it!