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Two girls opened the door - two pretty young women
costumed like eighteenth-century chambermaids, with long,
light, puffy skirts that came to the floor, tight bodies that
made the bust rise and swell and that were laced or hooked
in back, gauze kerchiefs at the neck, wearing elbow-length
gauze gloves to match. Their eyes and mouths were
painted. Each wore a collar around her neck and bracelets
on her wrists. (p.7)

Over a whalebone bodice which severely constricted the
waist, and over a starched linen petticoat, was worn an
ample gown, the open neck of which left the breasts, raised
by the bodice, practically visible beneath a light film of
gauze. The petticoat and gauze were white, the bodice and
gown a seagreen satin. (p.14)

He told her to dress O. Jeanne took the green satin bodice,
the white petticoat, the gown, the green clogs and, having
hooked O's bodice in front, began to lace it up tight in back.
The bodice was stoutly whaleboned, long and rigid,
something from the days when wasp-waists were in
fashion, and was fitted with gussets upon which the breasts
lay. The tighter is was drawn, the more prominently O's
breasts rose, pushed up by the supporting gussets, and the
more shapely upward her nipples were tilted. At the same
time, as her waist was constricted, her womb and buttocks
were made to swell out. The odd thing is that this veritable
cuirass was exceedingly comfortable and, up to a certain
point, relaxing. In it, one felt very upright, but, without one
being able to tell just how or why unless it was by contrast,
it increased one's consciousness of the freedom or rather the
availability of the parts it left unencompassed. The wide
skirt and the neckline, sweeping down from her shoulders
to below and the whole width of her breasts, looked on the
girl clad in, not so much like an article of clothing, a
protective device, but like a provocative one, a mechanism
for display. When Jeanne had tied a bow in the laces and
knotted it for good measure, O took her gown from the
bed. It was in one piece, the petticoat tacked inside the skirt
like an interchangeable lining, and the bodice, cross-laced
in front and secured in back by a second series of laces,
was thus, depending on how tightly it was done up, able
to reproduce more or less exactly the subtler lines of the
bust. Jeanne had laced it very tight, and O caught a glimpse
of herself through the open door to the bathroom, her
slender torso riding like a flower from the mass of green
satin billowing out from her hips as if she were wearing a
hoop-skirt. the two women were standing side by side.
Jeanne reached to correct a pleat in the sleeve of the green
gown, and her breasts stirred beneath her gauze kerchief,
breasts whose nipples were long, whose halos were brown.

He then placed that same hand upon her waist, squeezed
to emphasize her buttocks,.... (p.65)

...and then, to O: 'I am going to give you some long dark
stockings, and a corset to hold them up. But a stout corset.
It will affect your waist-line.'
When she had rung and a blond, silent girl had come back
with some fine sheer stockings and a short corset of black
nylon taffeta, held rigid by broad, very sloe-set whalebone
battens curving inwards below the buttocks and round in
front also, O, still standing, balancing awkwardly on one
foot and the upon the other, drew on the stockings which
mounted the full height of her thighs. The blonde girl
helped her into the corset which buckled to one side and
toward the rear. also at the rear, as with the Roissy bodices,
were laces to adjust the fit. O hooked her stockings in front
and at the side by four garter-snaps, then the girl set to
lacing her up as tightly as possible. O felt her waist and
belly dug into by the pressure of the battens which, in
front, reached down almost to her pubis, leaving it free
however, as it left free the entirety of her buttocks. 'She'll be
much better', said Anne-Marie, addressing Sir Stephen,
'when her waist is entirely reduced. Moreover, if you
haven't the time to get her undressed, you'll not find the
corset an inconvenience. Will you step this way, O.' (p.115)

Sir Stephen remaining behind at Anne-Marie's, O, as she
was being driven home, remembered the statue she'd seen
as a child in the Luxembourg Gardens: a woman whose
waist had been similarly compressed, a woman whose
waist seemed so tiny midway between her heavy breasts
and fleshy hips, that she'd been afraid the marble would
snap in two...and the stone woman had been bending
forward, gazing at her reflection in a spring, also of marble
and meticulously sculptured at her feet. (p.116)

She ran all the way to the Boulevard Saint-Germain and
then had to wait some more. She was in a sweat, all out of
breath, for her corset was impeding her respiration, and
then at last a taxi did slow down at the rue du Cardinal-
Lemoine corner. (p.117)

..., then raised her skirt. 'Ah, ha, there's the corset,' he
mused. 'it's true, you'll be much more attractive when your
waist is trimmed down.' (p.118)

Since the day it had been given to her, O had everyday
worn the whaleboned corset which Anne-Marie had
esteemed so necessary: with each passing day, she laced it
tighter, and by now one could almost circle O's waist with
one's the fingers: Anne-Marie would be satisfied. (p.120)

'...Now show me your waist. Ah, that's better, isn't it?'
Anne-Marie kneaded O's smooth waist, pressed with her
thumbs, then she sent the little red-head to fetch another
corset, and then had it put on O. It too was made of black
nylon, so stoutly whaleboned and so narrow that one could
have called it a wide leather belt. No garter belt were
attached to it. One of the dark-haired girls laced it, and
Anne-Marie ordered her to draw it as tight as she possibly
could. 'This is terrible,' O said, 'it hurts terribly.' 'Exactly,'
said Anne-Marie, 'and that is why you are much more
lovely now. But you didn't tighten yours enough. From
now on you'll wear this one this way, every day. (p.120-

Sir Stephen nodded his acquiescence, and supported the
swaying O: he held her by the waist; she did not have her
black corset on, but Sir Stephen's grip was so firm, and her
waist so slim, that she seemed ready to break in two. Her
haunches seemed rounder, her breasts looked heavier.

O finished drying herself and then, perfectly tranquil, put
on her perfume, brushed her hair. She put on her corset,
her stockings, her slippers, and when she closed the door
behind her met Jacqueline's glance in the mirror: Jacqueline
was seated before O's dressing-table and combing her hair
without seeming to know what she was doing. 'Would you
tighten my corset, please,' O said. (p.139)

...the unknown Commander compliment Sir Stephen upon
her, particularly stressing the pleasing effect created by
somewhat heavy breasts in contrast with a narrow waist,...

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