"Her Laced Future"



Short Story by Daniel C.

It was early morning, at seven precisely, that young Lady Elizabeth was woken by her maid. After a few sips of hot water, she rose, assisted out of her bed owing to her rigidly firm corset - her night stays . The corset she wore for sleeping was slightly smaller than her day corsets, her maid being under her mother’s instructions to never allow her daughters waist to exceed eighteen inches.

The blue silk stays, were removed, and the maid carefully and deftly clasped the day corset on. As she was to be at the dinner reception tonight, she was to appear very graceful. Her mother was most strict, and expected her young daughter to be laced to the utmost severity whenever at a social gathering. Elizabeth liked the chosen day corset now placed upon her figure, a corset in pale pink and white piping, under which its delicate feminine prettiness, lay a multitude of fine whalebone. The white laces were held expertly by the maid, as she rapidly pulled in the slack, and it was almost a third of the way closed when Elizabeth first felt the tightening pressure, feeling helpless in its quest to mould her into a delicate wasp waist.

Elizabeth held onto the bed post as the maid really pulled and tugged at the laces. The back now almost met halfway, and it was already an elegant nineteen inches. But her mother had all of her evening dresses made for her party size waist, sixteen inches. She would be laced so tightly, that she would be held in a most fragile and graceful state. Although this did cause some distress and discomfort, she positively enjoyed the sensation of having one's figure compressed severely and the sight of her glorious dresses on her delicately tiny waist. Her face was going rather pale, as now her maid applied a last hard pull on the laces. She tied them off for a while; with still two inches to go. Elizabeth required an hour to adjust to the corset, and had time for her beautiful chestnut brown hair to be tied into a chignon. After she had her face and hands whitened and gloved, she was now ready for the final lacing in.

The maid now showed no mercy, as the pretty pink corset gripped Elizabeth and shaped her waist into a most delightful exacting smallness. She felt faint and terribly helpless with each further pull of the laces. Reduced to such a tiny size, she felt gloriously beautiful with her ever-smaller wasp waist. To help the last inch to be removed, the maid placed a wide thin steel belt around the middle, and started to tighten the two screws at each end. This would provide extra strength and prevent any loosening of the corset. Elizabeth was now at breaking point - this last inch caused her much discomfort, but she had long accepted her role in high society and submitted willingly to the rules of tight lacing. The screws allowed the laces to be tightened easier at this level of extreme compression, and the waist was now moulded perfectly in accordance with her mother’s strict wishes. The trailing lace on the floor was cut after a perfect small knot was tied, and the maid escorted her to her bed. As she was carefully lowered down, Elizabeth felt herself short of breath. The whalebone and steel had reduced her to fashion plate proportions. Her lungs and insides had all been squeezed together into this extremely tiny corset, and she was ready to be attired in a most fabulous elegant gown.

Milady was to lie down for the duration of the day, so as to adjust to her new figure; and at six in the evening, she was raised from her bed, again by her maid. The steel belt was now removed, having held the waist perfectly rigid and immobile. It was now the work of the whalebone to contain her splendid waist, the elegant figure of Elizabeth pinched in most severely at the middle.  Oh! She loved that feeling!

A steel busk was inserted at the front, and Elizabeth was now ready to be dressed for the evening. Her mother wished for her to be wearing her green silk taffeta gown. This made Elizabeth most happy, as the dress was one of her prettiest favourites. She felt breathless with excitement, as after her bustle was put on, a vast swath of silk on the skirt fell onto the floor, covering her feet and trailing behind her with a large waterfall back. The bodice was very tightly fitted, showing off her elegant waist. She charmingly held a side of her skirt and gently swayed her dress, hearing the rustle of taffeta, and felt wonderful. She glided across the room, to be presented to her mother and father, the sound of creaking whalebone and the silken folds of her dress a delight to witness. The waist was so elegantly laced, that it seemed to almost snap in two with each delicate step.

Lady Elizabeth felt most fragile and weak, but positively enjoyed being reduced at the waist so extremely for fashion and society. Even if it was expected of her, she had taken to relish the tightlace regime since she began her training at eleven. She had wanted to become daintier and more delicate, and was thrilled when her mother allowed her to commence strict lacing a year earlier than planned. Since she was thirteen, her waist had been gradually lengthened and narrowed. She would never need to do any work or tasks, and could easily allow her back muscles to disintegrate and submit herself to a dainty and gay life of fashion and tight lacing.

Such strict enforcement figure training made it that Elizabeth never went without being severely corseted and restricted in all movements. Such was their status in upper class society, that they would always be dressed and corseted to exacting standards of decency and elegance. Held within a portable prison of silk and whalebone, she was rendered stiff and erect at all times, and could only manage tiny meals. The slightest exertion or excitement could cause her to faint, which being as tightly laced as she, could be injurious. Whalebone could snap under such extreme pressure, and she had to be as gentle and delicate as possible. Along with the front steel busk, the whalebone made her move elegantly and gracefully, with the fashionable costumes restricting their movements even further. The full sleeves and high collars, snug fitting skirts and their long trains, tight kid gloves and high heeled shoes, the smallest and tightest corsets, all served as parts of Elizabeth’s life now.

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