by Peter 2000

An innovative work of science fiction

CHAPTER NINE - Introduction to the Island

The following morning, after a good night’s sleep, we were summoned to the meeting hall. All the girls I had travelled with were present. We were seated in the body of the hall. On a raised dais sat two men and a lady. The authoritative-looking gentleman stood up.

"Ladies, welcome, I see you are all dressed appropriately, and I may say very nicely too. I do not think I have addressed such a captive and quiet audience before," he said, smiling at his own joke. "Let me introduce myself:  I am the managing director of this new enterprise. To put your minds at rest, your partners will be joining us the day after tomorrow. My wife, Amanda, who is attired the same as yourselves, will explain the details of what is required of you over the next year. Ladies, enjoy your stay with us as much as you can within the limit of the restrictions imposed upon you. Thank you." He promptly left the hall.

His wife, Amanda, stood up. Her corset (which I recognized as the one John had made), stockings, suspenders and shoes were all blue. Her hands were chained behind her back; she was hobbled, as we all were, but, in addition, she wore a stiff neck corset with shoulder straps. Then I noticed the wire frame attached to the front of her corset, to which her breasts were attached in some way.

Looking magnificent, standing tall and very erect, she said, "The prime reason you are here is to enable your partners to earn as much as possible while working for the company. It all depends on your personal achievements. Your bodies are taxable. On leaving the hall you will all be fitted with a neck corset. A wire frame will also be attached to your corset, the nipple rings will be tethered to eyelets on the front of the frame, supporting your breasts at right angles to your trunk." She turned sideways to show us the effect.

She continued, "You are each to be fitted with a shoulder brace to pull your shoulders back, thus tensioning your breasts, You will receive two injections: One will disable your vocal chords. This does away the need for the uncomfortable ball gags you are wearing. You will be able to eat when you like but not talk. The other injection is to help overcome the heat on this island by cooling the skin, thus avoiding the tendency to swoon too much. Do not worry, these drugs have only a short-term effect; you will be re-inoculated every three months."

Tottering across the dais on her high stiletto heels, she paused for breath. Obviously the tightness of her corset was making talking difficult, her breath coming in short pants. "On leaving the hall, accurate measurements will be taken of your waists, the distance of your nipples to the front of the frame, the distance your elbows are apart, the length of the hobble chain and the height of your heels. Your partner will be taxed on these measurements. If, however, you improve on these measurements, your partner will receive a rebate on every millimetre gained. You will be measured at the end of each week, and the tax will be worked out on the basis of your achievements."

"One other item. All the locks on your outfits will be replaced by new electronic models. I must warn you, the locks are much larger and heavier and will add considerable weight to your outfits. This is deliberate, to constantly remind you of your situation, but I am sure you will soon get used to them. These are radio controlled from a central point. There will be set times of the day when your body corset, neck corset and shoes, etc. will be unlocked automatically, allowing time for your maid to bathe you and for you to exercise your limbs. If you do not achieve this in the time allowed, the locks will automatically close and you will be locked out. I would not advise this happening, as your partner would not receive any pay for the next two weeks. So ladies, the success of your partner relies on what you are prepared to achieve. If it is any consolation, I am bound by most of these rules as well. Good luck." With that she abruptly left the hall.

CHAPTER TEN - Additional Fittings

Sitting quietly (I could not do otherwise), I contemplated my fate and what discomfort I was to face. Did John know about this arrangement when he asked me to accompany him? How was I going to cope? Hopefully John would not demand too much of me. Perhaps he would be satisfied with a smaller pay packet. 

The other man on the dais was the doctor who had previously treated me back in England. While I waited my turn, I watched the girls in front of me having their neck corsets laced in place, with details of their current statistics being recorded.

My turn came. First of all, I received the two injections, then the ball gag was removed. I tried to speak, but found the drug had an immediate effect on my voice box and I was unable to utter a sound. A maid, not my own, placed the neck corset around my neck. It was stiffly boned with lacing at the back. Lacing it fairly tight, she locked it off with one of the new locks. The base flared out to rest on my collar-bones, the top fitted tightly, cupping my chin and the base of the skull. My head was forcibly pushed up and back, so that I was virtually looking up at the ceiling. I found I was incapable of moving my head up, down or sideways. The only way I could look in another direction was by moving my whole body. The constriction seemed to reduce my breathing even more.  Next, the square metal frame was put in place. Each nipple ring was chained loosely to its eye on the front bar which was at least twelve inches in front of my body. Actually, I rather liked the sensation of the pull on my nipples. Lastly came the shoulder brace. On tightening, my shoulders were forced backwards, causing more tension on my breasts. Because of the pull, the bands had to be tightened further. 

The new padlocks were then fitted; each one weighed at least quarter of a pound. There was one on the neck corset, four on each breast, two attached to my nipple rings, two on the front bar, one on my corset, two on the elbow chain and two on the hobble chain, one attached to the chastity belt and finally one on each shoe. This totaled twenty-one padlocks with a combined weight of five and a quarter pounds!

Walking back to my apartment, I found I had to move very slowly to avoid my breasts bouncing too much. Every step caused pain to the nipples.


The next few days turned out to be rather pleasant. I was getting used to the breast frame. My body seemed to accept the tight embrace of the corset. The neck corset was the most difficult item to get used to wearing. My neck was in a vice, and my line of sight well above the horizontal. It was very precarious walking, as I was unable to see where to place my feet, especially on uneven ground. If I did have the ability, I certainly would not be able to see beyond my stretched breasts. I managed to resume reading, as Lisa kindly rigged up a stand so that a book or magazine was held level with my field of view. Unable to turn the pages myself, Lisa obliged without complaint. 

The maid bathed me twice a day, during which time I was able to exercise my strained muscles. Needless to say, I enjoyed these short periods of freedom.

John finally arrived. His eyes nearly popped out of his sockets. "So that is what the wire frame was for!  I like that almost as much as the eight garters and small waist," he said admiringly. "I will not be able to concentrate on my work with you around. You look gorgeous!"

John hugged me with difficulty; the breast frame preventing closeness. All I could do was smile to show the pleasure I felt having him with me.

We took a casual stroll (I could only manage small strides), exploring the facilities within the complex, looking in the many shop windows that had been newly opened. I do not know how I would manage to shop. I was prevented from even grunting, nor was I capable of pointing to what I required. No doubt something would be arranged.

The next week passed without incident. On the Friday I attended the 'Tax Office Measuring Dept,' TOMD for short, where every dimension was duly recorded. 

CHAPTER TWELVE - The First Paypacket

Saturday evening, John arrived home after work, looking depressed. I could not ask him what the trouble is; I would have to wait patiently. He would tell me in his own time.

Eventually, he blurted out his troubles. "I have received my weekly wage packet. The amount of tax taken off is crippling. We would not be able to survive on the amount of money left. I am afraid, darling, I will have to put your body under more strain. I do not like doing this, but you must have realised this would be the case. Apparently, if you can get your waist down to 16", your breasts stretched so your nipple rings touch the front of the frame, your elbows touching together behind your back, a reduced the ankle chain to 4", and to wear 7" heels, I would not be taxed at all. I know this seems an impossible target to reach. It is up to you how much tension and discomfort you can bear. I suggest we tighten your corset and reduce your waist down another inch over the week; after all, you have been at 21" for some time now. We will shorten the nipple chain by half an inch and reduce the hobble and elbow chain by one inch. I will order another pair of shoes from the cobbler with 7" heels. I am sorry darling," he said apologetically. "On Monday, I will get the maid to take you over to the 'Readjustment Department' to alter your corset and attachments."

My God! I would never be able to get my waist down to 16" within one year or stretch my breasts to 12". As for 7" heels, I would be up on tiptoe, unable to balance, let alone walk. I suppose I could manage my elbows touching and a shortened hobble chain. I felt very depressed at the thought of the agony I would have to endure to enable John to earn sufficient money. Why did we ever let ourselves in for this torture?


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