Original Fiction by Tightone

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Not long after the first full corset episode, I decided to try and live in latex for a week; this was to be the suit and my other latex items mixed with corseting and some bondage.  I talked this over with Mike and he said he would be very cooperative in my desire.  I was now wearing the suit for about half of the time anyway, with the latex and corsets mixed in for the balance, so it would not be too much more time in erotic gear, but it was still a commitment to attempt. I decided that during this period I would also try out the suit with the red power rods to see what the final level of stimulation would be.  I would need to plan out my days so that I would not be in anything that I would not wear out on the street when I had something to do out of the house.

Deciding to start on a Sunday afternoon,  I  asked Mike to help with the beginning, and since I did not need to go anywhere until the morning, I had him place me in the full-length corset over my catsuit and probe-equipped shorts, hood with gag and blindfold, and boots.  Being helpless, he took advantage of me (the brute), and laced me into the armbinder.  Leaving me standing in a corner of the kitchen, he went on ahead and fixed dinner.  I felt the gag deflate and he pulled it out.

“Eat,” as he started filling my mouth with some very good food—he always was a good cook.  Not having much room in the full corset, I filled up quickly, and he put the gag back in and reinflated it.  This is the way I spent the rest of the day until time for bed.  Then, out of the corset and armbinder—I came to pins and needles.  He guided me to a relief stop and then back into my good corset, sealing it on with the leotard and chastity belt.  To top this off, he added the neck collar and then locked my feet together with the ankle cuffs I had picked up earlier; this left me with about three-inch steps.  Now came the next surprise. “Hold out your hands.”  I did, and he put mittens onto my hands, eliminating any use of them.  “Hands together in front,” and he locked the mittens on together with the same lock.  “Time for bed.  Come on.”

I was so restricted, I thought he was joking.  “Follow my voice,” and he clicked a leash to the collar.  Half pulling, half coaxing me, I made it to the bed and he guided me down onto it.  I slept ok the first night. it is amazing the dreams you can have while being bound in latex while you sleep.

Mike woke me up early in the morning and let me out for a quick shower.  This was followed by my getting into the suit with the green power rod.  Since I was well cleaned out, he also had me pull up the shorts with their probes and locked the chastity belt on over the top.  I hoped he was not going to be unexpectedly late from work!

I had a pretty easy day, with some shopping first thing, and decided to take in a movie.  The movie might have been a bit of a mistake; fortunately, it was early and the theater was not crowded or my subdued orgasm might have been very noticeable.  After the movie, I came home and put the hood on to relax and listen to music.  I decided to complete the hood with the gag and blindfold, leading to another orgasm, then went to the kitchen and started dinner.  I was wanting Mike home by this time, as I was getting some pressure from my bladder and he was only about a half hour late, I quickly met him at the door and let him know I needed out for relief.  Out came the key and I could go take care of business. 

After dinner, Mike played with me and we finished off the day making love and me falling asleep in his arms again after being bound in the shorts, hood, mittens, chastity, and cuffs.


Morning was another release to a quick shower and clean out when the suit ran out of power.  Mike cleaned the suit out while I was getting myself cleaned up, and I put the suit back on with the yellow power rod in—this higher state of tension always made me gasp as it completed the tightening.  This time, I was not going anywhere, so we put the latex hood on so it would be inside the suit’s collar, locking it in place.  On went the shorts and the chastity for the day, and I was ready for a quiet time at home.  For twelve hours, I was excited, and most of it was with the gag and blindfold in place.  I kept the music on and tried to accomplish a few chores between the climaxes.  I don’t know if it was the suit, or maybe I was just getting hornier as time went on, but it seemed like at least once an hour I would have to lie down and pant through a climax. 

When Mike got home, I was ready for release, but he said 'not quite yet' and watched me go nuts twice more before releasing me, once with the armbinder on.  After release, and after the cleanup was complete, he handed me the suit back and said 'next.'  I knew the orange rod was going in.  As I staggered to my feet in the ballet position, gasping for air due to coming almost immediately after the suit finished its tightening, Mike put in the gag and blindfold on the hood that was again under the collar of the suit.  This was followed by the shorts, cuffs, and armbinder. 

“Time for bed.”  Now I was really sensitive, and almost every time he would touch me through the suit, I would start heating up to ecstasy.  I could only take it about three times and collapsed asleep in his arms.  He left me alone until I was ready for the power rod to expire, at which time he woke me and helped me out of the extra stuff before the suit released me.  As we were cleaning up again, he laid out my wardrobe for the rest of the night—all my latex and the full corset with armbinder.  This was almost a relief after the suit and its exaggerated sensuality, and even though I was extremely tight, I fell right to sleep in my latex prison. 

Morning arrived, and I was taken out of the armbinder, corset, and all of the latex.  Cleaned up I again, made my way into the suit for the green power rod experience.  This time I did have a few things to do, so we went with no extra locked on options. I added the shorts with the plugs, but did not lock anything on over them.  This was my busy day, and I was going almost from the time Mike left until he got home. I only beat him in the door by about five minutes. 

“How about I fix dinner tonight?” he said, as he came in with a glint in his eye.  I agreed, knowing he had plans for me.  He put the hood on and, as I expected, the armbinder was next, but then I felt my legs being pulled into something and then they were being cinched together like my arms in the armbinder.  Suddenly something was thrown over my shoulders and the lacing continued up my body, pulling the armbinder into my back and completely encompassing my torso to my neck.  Now I must have been a tube of tight leather with a latex head sticking out.  I had not had a chance, due to the fast pace of my day, to enjoy the suit’s effects of arousal, but now, with me totally confined, there was no way to avoid it.  I seemed to just keep coming, and as I would lapse into semi-consciousness my sensations would just lessen a little until I was back to reality. 

How long this went on I have no way of knowing, but Mike sat me up and removed the gag, telling me to eat.  It took a few minutes of will power to settle things down, but when I said I was ready, he fed me until I was full with good lasagna. 

When I told him I was full, the gag went back in and the sensations started all over again.  He pulled me out of the binders and had me do my duty so we could go to sleep; this was fun, since he said to keep the blindfold on.  I did as instructed, and when I felt my way to the bed, he reinstalled me in the binders, this time leaving my gag off so we could kiss and cuddle; of course, the cuddling was kind of one-way, with me bound like I was.  I said I was hungry with all the effort, and he fed me a snack to end the night.  Sleep was easy as worn out as I was, even though I was still completely bound, head to toe.


Thursday morning started with the usual cleanup and change of suit rod, this time to the yellow for the day, and twelve more hours of excitement.  Mike did not add anything, so I put the shorts back on and took it easy for the day, if you can call it easy making it through a climax an hour.  I was amazed at how often I wanted to eat now; I guess I was just burning up so much energy with all the aroused excitement.  I prepared a good dinner for Mike, and when he got home, we had a peaceful evening meal by candlelight.  He was a bit reserved after dinner and I was soon to learn why. 

When the power rod ran out of charge and released me, right on cue at twelve hours, he had the full set of the suit laid out with the red power rods and the placard.  “Time to complete the journey,” was all he said as he handed me the placard.  I looked at the placard and it said to put the suit on the usual way and, when complete, to look again. 

This I did, and then the placard told me to pull the shorts with plugs up and lie down.  After inserting the plugs and smoothing the shorts to the rest of the suit, I again looked to see instructions to put the power rods so that I would be able to find and insert them without being able to see them.  After having Mike hold on to them, I read the last instruction of putting the power rods into the plugs, then putting the hood on and smoothing the neck of it inside of the suit, followed by inserting the rods into the small holes on each side of the gag breathing hole, with the final power rod going in my cleavage. 

I was almost trembling with anticipation and maybe a little fear of the power that might be there with all five of the power rods together.  I looked at Mike for reassurance and asked, “Do you think I can handle this?”  His reply was that he thought I was ready.  As I pulled on the hood and arranged the nose tubes and gag for comfort, there was an awareness of just how helpless I was going to be.  I smoothed the neck of the hood down my neck inside of the suit and, since I had inserted the rods into the plugs, Mike handed me the rods for the gag and I inserted them.  The hood now started to conform to my head and the shorts were conforming to the suit as I inserted the last of the power rods.  The feeling of the suit coming together and tightening over my whole body was intoxicating.

When the suit completed the joining and was very tight over my whole body, it started to stiffen, starting at the neck and waist, and spreading out to my arms and legs.  I could no longer move and the corset portion was complete in its domination of my waist.  My breathing was shallow and rapid, but the suit seemed to know how much I needed to breathe to keep my senses.  After a short pause, the probes started growing and moving around; there was a sensation on my most sensitive part, and the gag enlarged to fill my mouth.  The topper was the fact that my nipples were starting to feel like they were being massaged.  It did not take very long for this to get me very hot and, as I started to climax, I expected to be passing out and getting to relax that way.  The suit released its pressure on me just enough to allow for breathing to increase; now I was not going to slow down by loss of consciousness. 

I do not know how long the suit kept me going at full climax, but I would not have thought it possible to sustain the feelings for a tenth of the time.  My body finally quit due to exhaustion, and the suit seemed to let me have a break, stopping the stimulations and retightening the corset portion to its original breathless state.  After some recovery, the stimulations started again, leading to the same results as the first time; this happened a total of four times.  I was lost in the cycles of sexual stimulation and totally without time, getting close to what could be described as an “out of body” experience. 

As the power rods ran out of charge and the suit released me, I had to just stay still for a while, as my head was spinning; never could I have imagined the stimulation that was possible, and I would have never thought myself capable of sustaining a sexual high as I had just experienced.  I think Mike sensed my situation as he waited for some movement on my part before gently helping me to remove the suit. 

When I was out, Mike practically carried me to a waiting bath and while I was trying to get the cobwebs out of my head, he cleaned up the suit and returned the power rods to the charger.  It turned out that I was in the suit for three hours and at a state of climax for almost half of that.  It took me a full twenty minutes to get to the point of completing the bath, and when I got out he had set out a simple outfit to go to bed in: basic latex panties, bra, corset (the old one), catsuit, and hood without the blindfold or gag.  I compliantly put them on and the corset now seemed easy to be in.  We had a snack and went to bed; I almost immediately fell asleep, and remained so until Mike woke me up in the morning.


I began Friday morning by putting the suit on with the green power rod and had a routine day in comparison to the others, only climaxing three times during the day.  I was starting to feel pretty good by the afternoon and the exhaustion of the night and morning seemed to leave me.  I had done a couple of errands and when I got home I put the shorts with the plugs on and sat down to read a book.  Mike called to let me know not to cook anything as he was taking me out for dinner.  We went out and had a peaceful evening, with dinner and a movie, coming back to a little cuddling and caressing.  After we had made our intimacy complete, Mike asked me to get ready for the night.  I cleaned myself out and returned with the shorts back on and ready for his desires.  He put my arms back in the armbinder, slipped the latex hood on, and then laced me into the complete binder, pinning my arms to my back and legs together.  “Goodnight sweetheart.”

'Mmuummpphh' was all I could reply, and we went to bed for the night.  I must be getting used to this stuff because I could sleep the night and not have any trouble with the tightness or the position of being completely bound and fully enclosed in latex.


Saturday morning saw me cleaned up and back in the suit with the orange power rod, and this time the hood and armbinder was added.  Walking in the ballet pointed boots while my arms were pinned behind me was a new feeling, and it took me forever to get from one side of the house to the other.  This was not helped by the fact of my sexual stimulations and having to sit down each time I came so that I would not hurt myself when passing out.  I was kind of useless in this state, but as Mike explained it, that was the whole idea.  This time when the power rod ran out Mike had already set out my next outfit: my new corset, a full set of latex clothes, my boots, and the party dress from earlier—it seems we were going out tonight. 

I cleaned up inside and out and Mike helped me into his chosen items. “This should be fun,” was his smiling encouragement.  I had to wait four hours dressed like this before we went out to the concert.  I must have been quite a head turner, and he was sharp in his dinner jacket and black tie.  After the concert, we went to one of the best restaurants in town for a sumptuous dinner and time to unwind.  I think that I was getting used to being in latex and did not even mind others looking at me anymore; the only latex showing was my gloved hands, and in the lighting you could not really see much difference between the latex and a good pair of leather gloves. 

Getting home, Mike had me do my duty again before dressing me up in the full latex with the full corset.  After we had done some more serious cuddling and I had climaxed again, he put the armbinder on, completed the hood with the blindfold and gag, and put a leather hood on over the latex.  I fell right to sleep and did not seem to be bothered by anything until Mike got me up in the morning.


The final day, and I was kind of sad that I would not be in latex continually after the day.  This day started with the suit and the yellow power rod and hood tucked inside, then Mike added the plugged shorts, armbinder, full body binder, and leather hood.  He carried me out to the living room and propped me up in a chair he had modified to be comfortable with me this way.  The rest of the morning was listening to music and me climaxing about hourly; then he turned on some sports and kind of forgot about me sitting over there going through the cycles of relax, warm up, climax, settle down, and repeat.  I finished the week in latex, and when the time was up for the power rod to be done, Mike removed my extras and left me to come out of the suit to my own desires.  I don’t know if I will ever be the same again; all I could think to put back on was latex and a corset.




Normal is not what it used to be.  I now am normally in latex and a corset, and have a much greater selection of both to choose from.  The suit is still very special, since it can never be equaled, and I wear it about half of the time.  Our lovemaking is more and greater than at any time we have ever been together.  Mike did create a suit to match mine and we can get into them both next to each other with the red power rods and the two suits will actually communicate with each other, making us feel like we are a part of each other when going through all of that sexual over-stimulation.  I still tremble at the thought of the red power rods, because the feelings are so intense, you can never get used to something that powerful.  Mike has even taken to wearing latex a lot of the time, and we never seem to tire of the feelings of our bodies together in latex.  So life in suburbia is not so dull anymore.


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