Original Fiction by Tightone

Copyright 2002 - All rights reserved


I used Tuesday to recover, and on Wednesday I went back to the shop to see about a couple more things.  First was the corset: My original one was now getting loose, relatively speaking, and starting to show a little wear and tear.  I tried a couple of the corsets they had on the shelf with no luck in getting a good fit.  Then the owner suggested that I have one made.

“Do you have some information on what is available?” was my inquiry.

"We have a small company that will make you anything you want in about a month." 

 So I checked out what they had to offer in their simple brochure.  I found a full bust-to-crotch style that I liked, and he measured me for it.  While the owner was calling in the order I checked out the rest of the brochure and saw a full-body corset that went from the neck down to the ankles.  When he came back I asked, “How do you put this on?” 

“You don’t. It is put on you, and you need someone to take it off as well,” he replied. 

I took a closer look at the illustration and saw that with the full-length busk in front, there would be no bending from the neck to the ankles, and if the hands were immobile the package would be complete.  My mind raced to the armbinder that Mike had surprised me with, and the thought came to me how totally helpless I would be that way. 

“Could we do the measurements for the full body corset?” I asked the owner. 

“We have never had anyone get that one yet, but I would be happy to help you with it,” he said, with tape measure in hand.  Looking at the measurement guide, he started, and after more than twenty measurements he said, "There!  All done.  Want me to call this one in?” 

“I will take both if you can ask them to hurry the order and get it out quicker than a month,” I replied. 

“Let me see what I can do with them,” as he turned to get back on the phone. 

“Good news.  They are slow right now, so they said I would have them in three weeks.”

I made a deposit of half and looked around the store some more.  I spied a full latex catsuit on a rack and asked if there was one my size.

“Yes, I think so,” and the owner went to the back to look.  A couple of minutes later, he returned with a box and said, “This should fit,” as he handed me the catsuit and some powder to put it on. 

Stretch, pull, tug, struggle, and rest.  I did not realize how much more difficult it was to get a complete latex catsuit on.  I succeeded in getting my feet and hands in the catsuit, and stood up to zip the body in place, finding the waist was extra tight.  'Must be for over a corset,' I thought to myself.  I had been completely in latex before, but to do it with one garment was a new feeling to me.  The only thing not tightly covered was my head.  The fit was good, with legs and arms tight all the way from my body to the gloves and socks.  I carefully took the catsuit off and put my clothes back on.  Then I went to the register and bought the suit, as well as some ankle cuffs I had seen as I walked by.

While I was waiting for the new corsets to come in I was almost always corseted, most of the time in latex, and often in bondage to my husband, who now had a tiger by the tail and loved every minute of it.  I was wearing the suit almost constantly with the green rod, and the yellow rod was used about every third time.  I even did the orange rod a couple of times for extra good measure, but these times I made sure that I did not have anywhere to go while in the suit for the six hours. 

The day finally came when the shop called and informed me that the corsets had arrived.  The next day I went down and they were beautiful. 

“Could I try them on?” I asked. 

“Sure, but you will have to have help with the full one,” he replied. 

I had worn a Lycra unitard for this purpose, so I was not concerned about my dress with him helping.  “That’s ok."

So I went to the dressing room to put on the standard corset.  This one really fit, and was tighter than the old one.  Looking in the mirror in the dressing room, I found that I had an inch to go on the lacing when I could pull no more.  I went out and asked for help, and we went to the back office area to complete the lacing.  Wow!  As the lacing was drawn in, I became aware of the superior nature of a custom corset over one that was off the rack.  Not only was the corset tight, it was comfortable in relation to that tightness, being fit directly to my measurements, and made the curves fit my hips and ribs, as well as allowing for a greater ability to pull it in tighter. 

After getting used to the extra pressure, I was able to stand and walk, but not bend over.  Sitting was a challenge:  You had to lower yourself into place and kind of keep your body straight, with your legs carefully placed under you in what would be best described as a curtsy.  Standing back up you raised yourself directly over your legs without leaning over.  All in all, a new feeling, and through it all with the corset fitted so well it was not as uncomfortable as my original off-the-shelf model. 

Time to try the full-body corset, so I asked the manager to bring it in and lace me into it. 

“Are you sure?” he inquired. 

“Yes.”  My mind was made up that I would know how it fit before Mike would lace me into it.  I got out of the regular corset while the full-length one was being brought in, and standing next to the doorjamb so I could hang onto it for balance, said, “Put it on me.” 

As he held it up to me so I could slip my arms in, the first impression was of heft—the thing was heavy.  With boning the whole length and a full front busk, there was a lot of corset there.  As I settled it on my shoulders, the fastening of the front started.  I held my head up, and the first of many front clasps were secured going down my torso to my hips.  I was already aware of the immobility of the corset as the fastening reached my thighs.  Now I worked my legs and feet together and held on to the doorjamb for balance and support as the fastening continued down my legs to the ankles.  Now all of the fastenings were done, and I kind of wiggled around in it to settle my body to the shape of the corset. 

As the lacings were started, I became aware of how powerful the corset was, being made stronger and much stiffer than the regular style corset.  My heart rate picked up as the first of many tightenings of the laces was completed. I was now standing, unable to go anywhere with my body compressed from the ankles to my neck.  I was able to notice my breathing patterns, due to my entire torso being laced in; it was not bad right now because the lacings were not very tight.  Now a second pass was made on the laces, a third pass, and, at my insistence, a fourth pass.  I was now almost gasping for air, due to the pressure and my excited state. 

My body was like it was welded perfectly straight from my ankles to my neck.  I could not move anything; even trying to sway my hips did not seem to change my position.  As I calmed down, I started to catch my breath and lose the lightheaded feeling I first had. 

“How close are the laces to being all the way closed?” was my first question. 

“The top and bottom are closed, with most of the rest less than an inch apart,” came his reply from behind me.  “How are you doing in there?” he asked in a concerned voice. 

“Ok, once I had a chance to relax a bit—at first it seemed a bit overwhelming.” 

“Let me check on the front for a couple of minutes.  You just call out if you need anything,” and he went out to check on the store.  I tried to move around and found that I was part of the corset until let out. Then I took a step while still hanging on to the wall.  I could actually move, but a step was maybe an inch and took so much effort I was panting again.  What had I gotten myself into?  I sure hoped Mike respected the power of this thing or I could be in trouble. 

“How are you doing?  Ready to come out?” 

He broke my reverie over my situation and I replied, “Yes, but slowly, please.”  Over the period of the next five minutes my laces were gradually released and the front of the corset undone. I did not realize how my body would tingle at being released from the prison of the corset, and it took a couple of minutes for my legs to get to the point of walking again.  I put my street clothes back on and left for home with the two corsets.

Since it was Friday again, I decided to surprise Mike with another helpless wife and a note of what he could do.  I first cleaned myself up in a good bath, then started the dressing with the shorts that had the two probes, I was thinking that this could be interesting later on, and how right I was.  Next came the bra, followed by the catsuit, with the zipper left down a ways.  I put on the hood and tucked the neck of the hood into the catsuit; this effectively sealed me completely into latex.  I now had to put my boots on, since I would never be able to reach them with the corset on.  This was followed by the new corset.  I laced the corset as tight as I could, but I knew it was not as tight as I had been laced in the store.  Again, I got into the recliner, but I had placed the new full-length corset in the chair next to me with a note that read, “My present corset is not restrictive enough.  Please put this on and add your armbinder if you want.” 

I put the gag in, inflated it, and then strapped the blindfold into place, settling down to wait.  My excitement over being fully enclosed in latex, as well as the anticipation of the new corset over my latex, had me at an aroused state for the whole time I was waiting.  After waiting for what seemed an hour, I heard a muffled door open and close, then footsteps.  “Honey, sorry I am late but….” He cut off the rest of his sentence when he saw me.  “What have we here?” 

Quiet.  I always know when that man is up to something: He left me, as I heard his steps down the hall.  When he came back a few minutes later, I was told to get up and present myself.  I rose carefully and did a slow turn so he could see my body fully in latex and the new corset. 

“So you want to be done up in this?” 

I nodded my head affirmative. 

“Ok then, let’s get you out of that one and go to it”.  He led me into another room and told me to hang on to the bedpost.  It was about the right height, and he removed the standard corset from me.  I was glad that I had been laced down for a while before getting into the full corset, and when he held it up to me, I put my arms in and then the front fasteners were done up.  I wiggled a bit to settle it into place and then placed my booted feet together. 

“Are you ready for the lacing?”

I nodded, and he went after it.  Once, twice, three times he tightened the laces.  "It is about an inch open in back. I got it closed at the top and bottom—are you ok in there?” to which I nodded, even though I was trying to relax so my breathing would settle down.  The plugs and the latex under the corset were conspiring to keep me agitated, so settling down was a lot more difficult than when I had it on in the store.  While I was still slightly lightheaded, Mike picked me up and moved me, putting me down with nothing to hang onto, I thought I might fall, but as he let go of me, I found that I could balance.  However, I really had to concentrate to succeed.  Now he fastened the harness on my head and applied some pressure, lifting me a little, not off the ground, but now I did not have to work so hard to stay upright. 

“Arms behind you, please.”  Now was what I had been waiting for, the armbinder.  He slipped it up my arms and started securing the straps around my shoulders, tighter and tighter the laces were drawn until my arms were together behind me, elbows touching, and covering me all the way up to the shoulders. 

Now I really was limited in breathing; I was getting lightheaded just standing.  “Relax,” I told myself, but the urgings inside of me were just too much.  I came while standing there and passed out. 

When I came to, I was on the bed with the harness removed and my arms still bound behind me.  I had underestimated the effect of the probes being locked inside and held so tight there by the corset.  I was still warm and wanting when I recovered my senses.  Now came the tender caressing and cuddling.   Mike knew just what to do, and I was soon being drawn into myself again for another climax.  This time Mike played it out for a while and kept me at a frenzied mindless point in which I did not want it to end, but craving for release.  I reached another lightheaded climax and lapsed into a semi-conscious state for a while, dreaming of being held in that grip without being able to get out.  This was both arousing and disturbing—What if I never got out?

Then the dream was over as I recovered my senses again.  Mike propped a pillow under my head as I lay on my side and said, “Are you ok for a few minutes, darling?”

I nodded my head, 'yes,' and he went out for a few minutes.  I now tried to get a little sleep, since I was so spent from my experience.  I did not know until later that Mike never really left me; he just grabbed a snack from the kitchen, and quietly returned to keep watch over me.  I went to sleep, being so exhausted from my activities, and did not realize that I spent three hours collapsed there inside the corset with the armbinder on. 

When I awoke I knew I had to get out—my body was pins and needles.  “Mmuummpphh” and I tried to move.  I must have succeeded in getting Mike’s attention because I felt movement on the bed.  Suddenly, I was lifted up to my feet and I felt the armbinder loosening.  After the armbinder was off, I motioned for Mike to remove the corset, which he did.  It was amazing the way my body felt as the feeling came back to the places that had gone somewhat numb.  After I had stretched a little while, he asked me if I needed to come out all the way and I shook my head 'no'; my bladder was ok for a while. 

Then he suggested that he put the regular corset on and we go to bed for the night. I thought about it for a minute and nodded 'yes'.  He laced the corset on, commenting about how great it looked, and I motioned for him to tighten it all the way.  He surprised me after finishing with the corset by locking my chastity and collar on then, asked if I wanted the armbinder back on.  I paused, and then decided that I might as well complete the picture and nodded 'yes,' so on went the armbinder. 

I now had hands all over me caressing and massaging—this had its effect and I was getting aroused again.  He guided me over to the bed and we continued for quite a while.  He was even kissing me through the gag on the hood. This was both strange and erotic, since he was blocking off my breathing with his mouth over the breathing tube in the gag and his cheeks were blocking my nose tubes, I had no choice but to breathe into him.

He kept me at a twilight state this way until I climaxed again and lost track of everything for a while.  When I regained my awareness I was in his arms all snuggled and warm so I went back to sleep.  I awoke with my bladder telling me it was time, and since we were still embraced I mmuummpphhed and wiggled to wake him.  This time he got me completely out of all my stuff and gave me a bath, complete with dinner fed to me by hand while I was soaking.  “What time is it?” I asked after unwinding a little.  “Four in the morning,” was his reply “Glad we don’t have to wake up for anything this morning.”  After the shower I put on my old corset over a silk camisole and we went back to sleep in each other’s arms again after some gentle lovemaking.


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