An erotic story of love, corsetry and bondage

Original Fiction by D.L. Moore

Copyright 2001 by Mr. Moore - All rights reserved 


That evening, Connie decided that she had to do something to get Rich to place her in tight helpless bondage.  Finally she decided that there was a way that she could do it.  Years ago she had a corsetiere make a very special corset for her as part of her brainwashing project.  No one ever wore the corset as she never had any female subjects to work with.

The thought of wearing the corset frightened her, because there was no possible escape from it, and she knew what it could do to her mind and body.

It had a locking mechanism consisting of fifteen thin metal strips that joined the two halves of the corset together under the back laces.  These strips had teeth on the sides of them that ratcheted into a locking mechanism.  The only way to unlock them was with a long grooved key that was inserted at the top back of the corset next to the laces. The corset was designed so that it was impossible for the person wearing the corset to insert the key by herself.  Once the laces were loosened the key could be removed and inserted into the busk to release the busk so the corset can be taken off.  Thin strips of hardened steel were strategically placed in the garment so as to prevent removal of the corset by cutting it. The part of the corset that both frightened Connie and excited her was the modified chastity device that was attached to the busk, and extended down over and under her pubic area.  The original version of the corset had a small spring loaded device that looked like an upside down spoon that pressed tightly against the body and quite effectively prevented any sexual encounter as long as the corset was on.  

The corset that Connie had was much different.  A medium-sized dildo was attached to the spoon-like device.  The dildo was made out of very soft rubber and was covered with hundreds of smooth soft little bumps about the size of a well-worn pencil eraser and it had a slight bend in the middle.  Additionally, there were two built-in vibrators, one at each end.  The vibrator at the spoon end would cause the spoon shaped device to vibrate wildly against one of the more sensitive parts of her body.  The other vibrator was attached to a drive gear that would cause the dildo to slowly rotate inside of her body, letting the little bumps on the surface of the dildo and the intense vibrations do their job. The slight bend in the dildo was also carefully done so as to focus the stimulation so that it constantly changed as the dildo rotated.   Connie knew that the stimulation would be so intense that it would be almost unbearable to be trapped in the corset with the vibrators turned on and the dildo slowly turning inside of her body.

Connie had a plan: She would trap herself in the corset on one of her machines and let Rich find her like that when he arrived home at 3pm this afternoon from a meeting in San Jose.  Rich was always punctual, and if he said he would be back by three she could count on it.  When he found her trapped in a machine the fun would begin.  Hopefully he would tease her and threaten to leave her helpless until she begged to be let go.

Connie spent about an hour setting up the rotating-table machine so that she could slip under the straps with her arms and legs and push a button causing numerous straps to tighten around her arms and legs, binding them tightly down to the foam-padded surface of the table.  Once she pushed the button there would be no escape for her until Rich arrived and released her.  She also attached a battery pack to the table that would power the vibrators.  A small mercury switch in the battery pack would only turn on the vibrators for the 30 seconds that she was suspended by the straps as the table rotated on a one minute per rotation schedule.  Connie thought that the stimulation from the vibrators would be tolerable if they were off for 30 seconds out of each minute.  Just for good measure Connie locked a miniature vibrator to the base of each nipple.  The bra built into the corset would help hold the vibrators in place.

Connie’s heart raced as she put on a pair of nylons and laced a pair of boots onto her feet that had 4 inch heels.  The boots had a locking device built into the arch that would lock them to the footboard of the table.  The corset was next, as she carefully slid the lubricated dildo into her body and locked the busk with a very final sounding click.  She attached the ends of the corset laces to hooks on the wall and then leaned forward as she worked the laces behind her back with her fingers slowly tightening the corset and imprisoning her body, as the fine teeth on locking mechanism clicked tighter and tighter.

Connie hadn’t planned on lacing the corset quite as tight as it ended up, but she got carried away at the last moment and in one forward lunge she pulled the laces together at the waist. The lock held fast and there was no way of loosening it.   She tied off the laces and walked to the table.  The dildo was already pleasantly stimulating, as every step and movement of her body caused it to move within her.

The corset was so tight that Connie had difficulty getting on to the table as she could not bend at all.  After much effort she managed to get onto the table and slide her legs under the straps.  She plugged in the vibrators to the battery pack and proceeded to attach straps to each of the “D” rings that were placed at one inch intervals down both sides of the corset.   From her waist down the straps were attached to the table about half way between her spine and the edge of the corset, so that when she was suspended upside down with all her weight on the straps they would tighten the corset around her body even more.  Above the waist the straps were attached to the table directly below the edge of the corset, to minimize any additional tightening around her chest.

Connie rested for a minute, wondering if she really should be doing this.  Finally she made the irrevocable decision and pushed her boots down on to the footboard and heard two clicks as each boot locked in place.  Now there was no escape from the board!!

She quickly put the head restraint on. Two straps were attached to the table.   One strap totally covered her eyes and the other went over her mouth and the bit gag she put in it.  A third strap went around the bottom of her chin to the top of her head and held everything together.  Then by feel she slid her arms straight out from her body, guiding them under the straps that would soon bind her to the table.

Everything was in place, all she had to do was push the button with her finger and all of the straps would slowly tighten, cinching her helpless, immobilized body to the table.  Then the table would start rotating.  In about 15 seconds after the table started moving the mercury switch would tilt sufficiently to let the mercury close the circuit and the vibrators would start their first 30-second run.

Connie was feeling an emotional rush as she pushed the button and the straps began tightening.  The straps holding the sides of the corset were the first to fully tighten and as they did she felt her body being pulled down into the foam pad on the table and the corset getting much tighter across her abdomen and waist.  Then her arms and legs were cinched down into the foam pad and locked into place.  No movement was possible except for her fingers.  What had she done to herself??  The tightness was incredible.  It felt as though the dildo had suddenly grown much larger, probably due to the tremendous pressure the corset was applying to her waist and abdomen.

Her last look at the clock left her with a little over an hour before Rich would arrive and release her from her self-imposed prison.  What if he decides to leave me like this for a while, or perhaps arrives home late?  Connie was starting to worry.


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