An erotic story of love, corsetry and bondage

Original Fiction by D.L. Moore

Copyright 2000 by Mr. Moore - All rights reserved 


Dinner was elegant, with candles and wine and great food. It was hard to believe that she was a great cook too. Rich wanted to tell her so much, but knew if he opened his mouth the collar would punish him severely. So he just looked at her beautiful corseted body and fantasized about it.

"You may take a shower and then I will prepare you for bed. Tell me, do I need to put restraints on you to stop you from trying to escape?"

Rich promised not to try to escape and he really meant it. "Ok, I will trust you, just remember the collar; any deceit will be punished severely.”

The shower felt good and, when he stepped out, Connie wrapped him in a towel and placed him on a table. She dried him and then rubbed his body with lotion. This was the moment that he had longed for all day; it was wonderful and made everything that he had gone through worthwhile. After the lotion, she lightly powdered his body and then produced yet another corset.

The corset was cut to reach from his armpits to above his pubic bone in the front and was cut much lower in the back. There were closely spaced "D" rings on both sides and a strange looking strap hanging from webbing in the back where the laces ended at the bottom of the corset. She laced the corset tightly on him; it felt great, but he wondered if it was going to crush his waist and hips. Connie commented that she loved to look at his corseted body. The small waist and hips made his broad shoulders look very manly. "Besides, I think it is cute the way you pop up and stay up each time I put you in something tight."

Connie then put on a corset that was almost identical except for the built-in bra that hers had. She hooked the busk and then turned her back to him and said, Lace it up and see if you can make it tighter than the one I put you in."

He worked and worked tightening the laces, until finally she said, "I think that will be fine."

She led him to the bed and, in an instant, had his corset securely attached to the restraints in the bed. Then the lights were turned out and she got into bed next to him and began to snuggle. She caressed him, hugged him and kissed him, and he was in heaven. Then she said that he was going to get a very special treat tonight. She said that she had two very thick condoms. They were quite small and would fit very tight and by using two of them he would have fewer sensations and would last longer. Then she told him that if he moved a muscle or said anything he would be severely punished. She straddled his body and slowly lowered herself onto him. It was a very slow and gentle process. Rich was being driven mad with the tightness of her body, combined with the effect of the two heavy, tight condoms, and couldn’t resist the urge to thrust his body into hers. He had moved a muscle and now he was being punished: The shock was terrible, and then there was blackness.

When he awoke he was wearing a full-length body corset, a neck corset, and a hood with eye and nose openings. She was lacing the body corset with a vengeance over the top of the corset he was already wearing. When everything was laced to her satisfaction (and to Rich's extreme discomfort and distress), she physically picked him up and placed him on yet another machine that had a contoured shape that fit his backside perfectly. Many straps were attached to the sides of the corset and hood, pulling him down tightly into the contours of the device. Her final comment before closing the eye openings and turning on the machine was that he would learn to obey.

The machine was brutal: It spun him rapidly like he was on a spit, first in one direction and then another. Then it went through a series of jerking motions, followed by spinning him in a circle so that the "G", forces threatened to catapult him from the machine. The machine cycled through its torments to his body, while he felt the corset grow tighter and tighter on his body. There was no sleep that night, just continued torment. He would obey her next time - he would obey - he WOULD obey!!!

Morning came slowly and the machine stopped its terrible torments. She released him from his prison. She looked like she had been crying, and it made Rich so profoundly sad that he, too, began sobbing and crying. Then she hugged him and they both stood there crying in each other's arms, their bodies joined in a hug and kiss that ended in wonderful bliss in the bed. They caressed each other for a long time afterward, until Connie announced that this wasn't part of the plan and that they should get up.

Breakfast and a shower and then more torment as she slowly laced him into a "punishment corset." The punishment corset had heavily boned arm, leg and neck corsets attached to it. He had to make his hand into a fist to fit into the mitten at the end of the sleeve. It took Connie a long time to lace everything to her satisfaction. The garment was brutal, with very little movement possible, just terrible extreme tightness. His waist was being gripped unmercifully by the tight corset, but to Rich it was sensual and erotic, not painful. Then Connie attached the two heavy nylon straps that ran down both sides of each leg to a machine. After that, she attached the other end of the straps that extended up from the front and back of each shoulder to the same machine. The machine slowly tightened the straps and he was lifted off of the table. Connie put a hood on Rich and attached it to the machine, with a strap to support his head. The final touch was to strap his arms to the sides of the corset. The machine was having a strange effect on Rich, as the more helpless and bound he became, the more turned-on he got.

He was suspended in air by the straps that were sewn into the corset. He couldn’t move anything; it felt so strange to be supported in mid air just by the brutally tight corset that he was imprisoned in. Connie was crying again as she turned on the machine that gave him the ride of his life. The machine twisted and turned his body and then spun it in circles. Rich finally escaped to a world of dreams, visions and fantasies. He had lustful fantasies about the beautiful woman that was imprisoning him. He even had fantasies about escaping and putting her into the machines just like she was doing to him.

Sometime during the day the machine stopped moving and Rich fell asleep snug in his cocoon suspended in the air. Then in the early evening Connie released him and led him by the hand to the shower.

Rich had a hard time concentrating on the great dinner that Connie prepared, as he couldn't take his eyes off of her. He had never been so attracted to a woman. She looked so beautiful, tightly laced in her corset. Rich wanted to reach out and hug her and caress her, but fear of the collar stopped him.

After dinner, she laced Rich into the same corset she had put him in the previous night. However, not everything was the same: Tonight, the laces had been changed for ones that were made of wet rawhide that would shrink and severely tighten the corset during the course of the night. Then she said that last night she was giving him the greatest gift she had to give and he had hurt her both physically and emotionally when he had forcefully thrust himself. Can I trust you to not move a muscle tonight? Rich blurted out, "Yes, I LOVE YOU!"

Rich laced her into the same corset she had worn the previous night, except on the last tightening of the laces, he pulled them as tight as he could before she said 'enough.' Rich was again locked to the restraint in the bed. Then she put the two tight, thick condoms on him, turned out the lights, and got into bed. Rich had his hands free, so tonight he caressed her body with a slow light touch that set her body on fire with lust. She straddled his body and slowly came down on him. Rich was being driven mad as she slowly let him in; it was so tight that Rich was in agony having to be still and not move. Finally, she was lying on top of him with their bodies locked in a tight embrace. Connie was attaching the straps that were hanging from the sides of her corset to the rings on the sides of Rich's corset. When they were all attached, she quickly yanked on the straps, tightening them so that their bodies were bound together from below their hips to above their waists. Connie was struggling with something between their legs when he heard a metal to metal click and a strap that was attached to the backs of their corsets was slowly tightened between their legs. Then there was a whirring sound, and all of the straps were cinched, and a loud metallic click ended the process. Connie cuddled up to Rich and said, "We are both in this one together, sweetie. The sound you just heard was one of my engineering marvels. It is a time lock that will not release us for eight hours. We are going to have to stay here tightly corseted, strapped to each other so tightly that we cannot move. I know what this experience is going to do to your mind. After tonight, you will never be the same, and neither will I. After several nights of this, your mind and body will be mine, but the reverse will also be true: My mind and body will be yours!!"


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