An erotic story of love, corsetry and bondage

Original Fiction by D.L. Moore

Copyright 2006 by Mr. Moore - All rights reserved 


Connie was struggling in the rigid confines of her locked corset.  The dildo attached to the busk felt like it was getting larger as her

Over a week had passed since Connie’s ordeal and each day she had an increased longing for Rich to corset her and bind her tightly and helplessly.  She could not stop thinking about the orgasms she had and how the pleasure turned to exquisite pain.  The memory was like an aphrodisiac, further increasing her desire to be once again trapped with no hope of escape.  Connie could not stop thinking about how she could satisfy her need and get Rich to do a repeat of last week's performance - hopefully without the obedience collar.  Then Connie had an idea, Rich was going to go to a luncheon meeting in San Francisco tomorrow and would be gone most of the day!

Rich left about 10am the following morning.  Connie quickly went to a storage room and with some difficulty removed a device and set it up in the room with the other machines. The device was a work of art, consisting of a Sybian (an advanced sex machine), and a beautifully engraved saddle that had been very cleverly mounted on the Sybian.  The saddle had a high back and front that had been secured in such a way that only a very slim athletic person could sit in it.  Connie had sat in it once and remembered how the back of the saddle pressed on her lower back forcing her abdomen and pelvic area tight against the extended front of the saddle.  She had been tightly wedged into the thing and it had been quite erotic, even without any toys attached to the device.  The back of the saddle curved around the sides so that any side movement was restricted.

The trick part of the saddle consisted of two beautifully engraved heavy leather thigh corsets that were securely attached to the saddle and the base that supported both the Sybian and saddle.  The thigh corsets had fit her tightly, and once she was in them she had not been able to move her legs in any direction.   In order to get astride the saddle she would have to put one leg in each of the thigh corsets and slowly lower her body onto the saddle using a lacing bar that was mounted above the saddle.  As soon as her feet placed any weight on the stirrups below the thigh corsets, the lacing bar would swing out of reach and the Sybian would start running.  Without the lacing bar in place it was totally impossible to get out of the saddle.  The leg corsets gripped her thighs tightly in place so that there was no way she could lift them out and free herself from the saddle.

Connie had this device made several years ago after hearing about an 18 year old girl that found some keys and decided to snoop around at the riding academy where she was taking riding lessons.  The girl found a similar machine locked away in a bedroom of the caretaker’s house.  Obviously, the girl had to try out the machine, and got more than she bargained for.  She had been trapped on the saddle for almost 8 hours, with the Sybian running a program that varied its speed from slow to very fast.  A lawsuit followed, with the girl claiming that she had been permanently damaged by the experience which had resulted in endless orgasms.  The suit was resolved when the owner of the machine agreed not to press charges against the girl for illegal entry into their home.

Connie’s plan was simple.  She would corset herself severely and, with the addition of a neck corset and hood, would place herself on the saddle without any means of escape until Rich returned from San Francisco. 

By 11am Connie had everything in place.  The Sybian was hooked up with a large toy installed and its timer was set to run a random program of speeds.  Connie decided on the locking corset and laced it down tightly with the help of a doorknob.  A small vibrating nipple clamp had been tightly clamped to each nipple and was securely held in place by the bra built into the corset.  A very restrictive neck corset that extended up over her mouth was next.  It covered the tape she had placed over her mouth as a gag, and held it tightly in place.  She locked the chain between the handcuffs to a D ring on the center of the front of the saddle and set the hood next to them.  In a heartbeat she was lifting herself on to the saddle.

Connie’s legs slid on the smooth surface of the leg corsets. Then, as her thighs slid into them, she could feel their tightness against her skin.  The toy attached to the Sybian was just entering her as she realized the lacing bar was too high.  She could not lower herself any more without letting go of the lacing bar.  She suddenly felt an emotional rush - she wanted to be trapped, so why not?  Perhaps if she held her toes up so they would not put any weight on the stirrups she could get on to the machine with out starting the Sybian.  This would give her a chance to get the hood and cuffs on.

Her plan worked but not quite as expected.  The toy invaded her body and then, as she was wedged into the saddle, the toy seemed to grow.  The front of the saddle was pressing very hard on the busk of her corset and at the same time the back of the saddle was pressing her body forward, so there was no release for the pressure on her groin area.  It was like she had been placed in a very tight rigid girdle.  It felt soooooo good - the tightness and the immobility was more than she had bargained for.   Quickly, she placed the earplugs in her ears and zipped up the hood.  A small lock was placed on the hood zipper, attaching it to the collar.  The nipple vibrators which were clamped painfully tight were turned on and, before she could change her mind she locked the handcuffs around her wrists.

Connie pushed her toes down into the stirrups and suddenly the Sybian came to life.  Connie screamed a noiseless scream and tried to escape from the overpowering sensations.  She struggled, only to realize that her movements were wedging her even more tightly into the crushing, immobilizing grip of the saddle. 

Connie had accomplished exactly what she had set out to do except for one minor detail: She had started much too early.  Rich would not be home until 4pm, and possibly later if traffic was bad.  The Sybian had started running a few minutes before noon which translated into at least 4 hours on this machine.  Her first orgasm lasted about a minute, but to Connie it seemed much longer.  The intensity was incredible, as she struggled against the tightness of the saddle, her corset and her bondage.  The pressure on her body was unrelenting, and it only added to her pleasure.  The second orgasm came a few minutes later, and again her struggles enhanced the experience.  The thigh corsets held like steel bands, restricting all movement, and her weight held her wedged in the saddle and impaled upon the toy that was slowly driving her wild with pleasure.  The nipple vibrators were a bittersweet combination of pain and pleasure that were already testing her endurance and adding greatly to her feeling of inescapable bondage.

Ten minutes had passed since Connie started the unstoppable Sybian by pressing her toes down in the stirrups, but to Connie the sensory depravation of the hood and earplugs made it seem like over an hour.  She was having intense orgasms every few minutes and was becoming exhausted from struggling against her bondage.  She was enjoying her confinement; the only pain was from the nipple clamps, and that felt good.  The intense pleasure of the Sybian and the struggle against the unyielding erotic pressure holding her body tightly on the saddle felt so good she wanted it to go on for ever.

After the first hour, Connie wondered if Rich had been delayed, but then she thought that would be ok since she was not ready for this ride to end yet.  She was exhausted from too much pleasure and she still had at least three hours to go.

After two hours in the saddle Connie was no longer rational.  She was in a hypnotic state, where pleasure merged with exhaustion and tightness of her inescapable bondage to form a cloud of mixed emotions that felt so very good.  She still struggled against her bonds, but now with much less energy and only during the orgasms that were happening much less frequently.

Rich arrived home shortly after 5pm.  He finally found Connie in the saddle and she was making a strange humming sound and her body had a slight back and forth movement.  Suddenly he heard her make a squeaking sound that she only made during an orgasm and her body strained against its bondage.  Rich concluded that she was having a good time and it might teach her a lesson if he left her bound and trapped in the saddle for a little while longer. 


Copyright 2006 by D.L. Moore


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