A small flight of fancy by Samuel Deniss

Although corsetry has enjoyed a revival both as a fashion and a fetish, the technology remains fundamentally unchanged in two hundred years.

We have developed a high tech corset which is far more efficient than the traditional laced garment. It provides firm body contouring for those who wear a corset for reasons of appearance. It also is an effective and even terrifying restraint for those individuals or couples who practice corset discipline and fetishism.

There have been attempts in the past --- largely unsuccessful --- to mechanize the closing of corset laces.

Our original experiments involved an inflatable garment. However they proved impractical. The inflation defeated the very purpose of a corset by adding rather than reducing bulk. The garments were subject to leaks and, in the case of enforced corseting, tampering.

Our product --- the MEDICI AUTO CORSET --- works on the principle of deflation. The garment is expanded by being inflated. It then is easily applied to the wearer and adjusted around the body. It then closes rigidly and relentlessly around the wearer as the air pressure is released.

There are three basic models: a short waist cincher, a full length traditional corset and a special training and punishment model extending from neck to knees.

All are severely boned. They are made of a very tough inflatable teflon which is wear proof and tamper proof. In testing, male and female volunteers tried to release themselves and each other with various cutting instruments. The corsets proved to be 100% secure. The testing is now in its eighth month and will continue for two years. The volunteers had not been told the duration of the test and they continue without success to attempt freeing themselves.

The uninflated garment has a waist circumference of ten inches(six in the punishment model). It is inflated with a special compressor. The corset expands so that it easily can be put around the wearer. Then it is deflated, exerting an even but relentless pressure as it attempts to return to its original dimensions. The compression is much more even and far more severe than can be accomplished by lacing. There is no pulling and tugging and no laces to break. There also are no clasps in the front and no opening for laces at the back. This allows a much more complete fit, additional boning over the spine and no opportunity for tampering. When the subject resists being corseted, these garments can be applied much more quickly, simplifying the problem of corseting someone who might struggle, resist or faint during the long process of lacing. The subject need be restrained only for a minute or two while the slack garment is imposed and the air pressure released.

There are numerous advantages. One size fits all. There is no need for custom tailoring. Unlike lacing, which can take as long as an hour, the AUTO CORSET can be closed in a minute or less. It is not necessary to tighten the laces each morning because the continuing and unrelieved pressure constantly compensates for any changes in the body and there are no laces to stretch or break. Because the AUTO CORSET requires much higher pressure to expand than common compressors can provide --- about 150 psi --- and because the nozzle of the compressor doubles as a sort of key, tampering is impossible. Once in place, the wearer has no hope of release unless the compressor is available.

There are various accessories available for Models 2 and 3.

-Chastity attachment.

-Remote control vibrator, male and female models. (Requires chastity attachment)

-Locking shoulder straps.

-Punishment helmet A. This is a simple but effective tight fitting rubber helmet which locks at the back of the neck. It can be worn indefinitely if necessary.

-Punishment helmet B. This is a leather and steel helmet and neck corset which either can be worn alone or locked to the collar of the Punishment corset. Eye and mouth openings can be closed. Model B provides total sensory deprivation. It is recommended it be imposed for periods no longer than one month at a time.

-Wrist harness. A leather strap locks tightly around the waist of the corset. The wearer's wrists then are secured to manacles at the front the side or the rear of the strap, depending on the preference of the master or mistress. The amount of arm movement allowed also can be varied depending on the degree of discipline required or com- passion allowed.

-Timed compressor. The compressor can be set so it will not operate again for any period from one day to one year. Since the corset cannot be removed without inflating it, and since each corset and compressor nozzle form a unique lock and key combination, it is possible for the individual corset wearer who does not have a dominant partner to confine him or herself for extended periods.

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