Original Fiction by Peter 2001


Walking out of the shop and onto the street was a nightmare. Apart from the discomfort of the rigid neck corset and the difficulty in walking on the new platform shoes, which I would get used to eventually, my personal embarrassment was playing havoc with my emotions. I hated Alex for forcing me to wear the monoglove in public. What if I fell and broke a leg or arm? Passers-by would be bound to come to my assistance and would be aghast at my predicament. Perhaps an ambulance would have to be called and my secret would certainly be out in the open. The press might find out and my picture would be spread all over the local newspaper. All these thoughts passed through my mind. I know I was well-covered by the cloak and veil, but I was sure people could guess how my body was in severe bondage underneath.

At one point I heard a little girl say loudly to her mother, "Why is that woman dressed funnily? Why has she got padlocks on each shoe?" Everybody in the street turned to look at me. I wished the pavement would open up and swallow me. Oh, Alex, what have you let me in for? 

Tottering down the street was very slow progress. I dared not put one foot too far in the front of the other and was very cautious of any cracks in the pavement that my needle sharp heels would catch in, To add to the difficulty, I was unable to look down at my feet.

I gave the biggest sigh of relief that my tight lacing would allow when we reached the car. How I wished I were capable of speech, I would give Alex a piece of my mind. I would have to wait until next Saturday night, when I could pour out all my built up emotions, hopefully to an understanding husband.

My new 'home corset' arrived from The Maldive Corsetorium. It was in gorgeous red leather with black suspenders and black trim around the edges, sporting black laces. It had a built-in shoulder brace that really pulled my shoulders back; this, in conjunction with the monoglove or elbow chain, certainly made my bosom stand out firm and proud. These were left bare. By this time I had got used to wearing the neck corset and mouth clamp. My pubic hair was shaved and I was not even allowed to wear a thong whilst restricted at home. To my great relief, Alex did not insist I wear the hood too often.


One day, Alex received a phone call from the manager of The Maldive Corsetorium, saying that my final corsets had arrived and would he like to bring me in to check on fit. Apparently the director is visiting the shop; he requested to see a few of the best customers. He would like to see me dressed in my so called 'home corset,' with all the attachments and without any outer garments. Never before had I gone beyond our front door dressed so erotically. To my disgust, Alex insisted I also go knickerless. Of course, travelling, I wore my cape.

The manager greeted us with enthusiasm. "The Managing Director would like to see you both in his private suite on the top floor. Please follow me."

I was expecting to be received by an elderly gentleman dressed in a formal morning suit. Instead, a young man in tea shirt and jeans welcomed us. "My name is John Perting. I am Managing Director of The Maldive Corset Company." Shaking my husband's hand warmly, he said, "You must be Alex, and this beautiful young lady must be Tanya. I am extremely pleased to meet you both. Alex, please sit down while I remove Tanya's cape, if I may."

"Yes, of course," replied Alex. I submitted to the embarrassment of a stranger inspecting my partially clothed body. If I had the freedom of my arms I would have covered my lower half.

Mr Perting just stood there inspecting every inch of my figure. "What a sight for sore eyes! You look marvelous, my dear. Please sit down next to your husband, and I will explain why I wanted to see you both." I sat down stiffly, keeping my legs closely together. He continued, "I am responsible for our factory on a remote island in the Maldives in the Indian Ocean. We are starting a project whereby each year we invite three of our best customers and their partners as our guests for three weeks on our island. Although I said 'factory,' it is not at all like that. It is almost like a cottage industry based in a very beautiful island in the sun. We would fly you out in our private jet and meet all your personal expenses."

"When will this be?" asked Alex.

"At any time to suit yourselves. I must warn you, the staff on the island have their partners with them, and they are corseted to the extreme. It will be quite an eye opener for you both. Are you interested?"

"Yes ,we certainly are, and would be honoured to take you up on your offer. I am sure my wife would agree if she was allowed to speak."

"Good.  We like the girls to be gagged and restrained--This puts the emphasis on the corset and enhances their femininity. If you would like to arrange time off from work, I shall be here for the next two weeks. Give me a ring. It would be a good idea if your wife could travel in the garments she is wearing at the moment. I particularly like the knickerless touch. I think all important parts of the female anatomy should be bared for everyone to appreciate. In fact, I shall instruct my wife to adopt the same knickerless condition, so that Tanya will not feel out of place when she arrives. My wife is in charge of the girls on the island, and she will be at the landing strip to welcome you both. I take it Tanya is on the pill?  All our girls wear chastity belts to prevent pregnancies. Just one other thing. I am so impressed with Tanya's corseted figure, would she be interested in modeling for us in the future? We pay well.

"I am sure she would."

Why do I have to be prevented from speech all the time? I certainly have very strong objections to going around showing off my sex to strangers for three weeks. I have gotten used to having my breasts bared, so that is not a problem, but as for going knickerless, that is beyond the pale.


Over the past year, I have achieved my dream of being tight-laced and restricted; it has gone way beyond my expectations, with the help and encouragement of my husband. Although I have been forced into situations I did not agree with at the time, I must admit that I have enjoyed every moment and have been greatly turned on by the experience.


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