My Birthday Present
Daniela tells about her birthday present-- Exclusively on LISA


Chapter 8

You may wonder, why I didn't protest against this treatment. How could it be, I simply let mother do to me, what she wanted? Why didn't I put up any fight? What a silly question! It just shows me, you have never been put into a tightly laced corset, otherwise you'd know better!
I was completely winded! My body was out of reach, and my mind had long since begun daydreaming. It just wasn't me any longer! I had been transformed into mother's doll and dad's playmate. I was out of control.
The little energy, I had left at this time of the dressing, was all used to keep me upright and avoid suffocation. My mind only registered two emotions, pain almost everywhere in my body, especially at waist and feet, and the never fullfilled desire between my legs.
Thus, it is understandable, why I so easily gave in to mother's commands. That was the easiest thing I could do, and it gave me the faint hope, mum and dad would let me out of my dress, as soon they had taken a few pictures and noticed my growing antipathy. Now mom went into action again. "Come over here, love. I think we'll have to start with the bloomers. Or should I say Pantaloons?"
I went over to her, still very uncertain on my feet, and stabilized myself against the wall. Mom proceeded with the lacy pantaloons, that went down to my knees.
"Right. Now please stand in the middle of the room, where there is enough room for you hoop skirt. Come here and raise your arms! There you go! Oh my, is that thing big! It's unbelievable!"
It sure was. I could still see myself in the mirror; I had now completely changed into a different girl. No longer a girl from the 21. century, but one from the 1860ies, I guess. Mum was already busying herself with the many petticoats, that came on top of the hoop skirt. It grew wider and wider. Unbelievable! And I also noticed the growing weight. Wearing this costume would be a heavy thing! And it got warm, too. I was used to normal, thin summer clothes, not a heap of material like this!
Soon, mother had put all three petticoats on me. She stepped back and had a proud look on her face. Then something seemed to puzzle her.
"Oh wow! You look so beautiful, love. I just think, I'll get our digi-cam to take a few pictures of you, while you are dressing. Maybe we can even put them on our family website! I'll be back in a second!"
It took some time, before the truth had entered my brain. Website? She said website, didn't she? Not with me! I wouldn't allow them to show any disgusting pictures of me on the web. Not against my will!
I was alone. Who was that girl in the mirror? She looked as though she was suffering. All these skirts! And her tiny waist! Her breasts were heaving with any breath of air, she took. Looking at her made me horny again. Where was my centre of pleasure?

It had vanished. Looking down, I saw I had lost my legs. There was nothing but a huge, white dome of lacy fabric. On top of this ridiculous dome, my waist struck out of its centre. But was that my waist? My waist used to be soft and tender, now it was clad into an unforgiving corset of white satin with bones of solid steel, and locked upon me with the help of a chastity belt! That damned belt! I made another futile attempt to pull the lock open, but of course, it didn't open, thus still denying me access to my private parts. And to get some air into my lungs! If it hadn't been for the belt, I would have opened the lacing in the back at the corset, but as it was it was absolutely impossible to get anywhere near the knot. I was fumbling with my fingers behind my back. Mother must have drawn the strings of my lacing through the waist band of my belt, so I was denied any relief from the tight corset. Damn it!!

My growing anger made me feel dizzy. You need a lot of air, when you are angry, and I was breathing heavily already, but it definitely didn't give me enough oxygen. I would have to calm down, if I didn't want mom to find me unconscious on the ground! Maybe I could run away? A little late I realized, that I was practically free to go anywhere. I wasn't bound. I could just go to the door, open it and go downstairs and leave the house!
Just the thought of this made my heart hammer in my breast. Again I had to fight an upcoming feeling of black voidness in my head, then I started walking towards my door! The first thing, that happened, was that I throw over some smaller items on my bookshelf, as I was steering my huge crinoline skirt right into it, then I almost stumbled on my atrocious high heels. Damn it again! I had literally forgotten everything about those bloody pumps! Maybe I could take them off? I lifted the hem of my skirts and had a look. As I could see, the shoes were strapped to my ankles, so I would have to use my hands, to get them off. I tried to bend, but soon gave it up. The corset didn't allow me the slightest movement! What now? Leaning against the wall, I now tried to lift my foot high up behind me. Would I bring it up far enough? It wasn't easy as I always had to fight all the skirts back, coming into my way, but at last I had my hand on my ankle. I reached for the tiny strap. There it was! One more minute and I'd be out of that horrible shoe! But then my fingers touched something, which wasn't supposed to be at a shoe, and I was shocked to find that my high heels had been locked to my feet with small padlocks!
Trambling with madness and panting for breath, I was now determined to run away! Even with my heels! And the bloody corset! And the horrible chastity belt! I would run away and hide in the small cabin in the woods, where I was sure, no one would find me! Then I would take all these horrible clothes off and, and....
But time was running out! I could later decide, what I would do in the cabin, now I simply had to get out of the house as quickly as possible! Mom could be back every minute!

I opened my door and went over to the stair, trying to avoid any noise. Easier than said, because my petticoats made quite some sound; yes, I had heard that sound before in the civil war movies, so it was coming from their petticoats!
Reaching the stairs, I already felt close to freedom. But then, something totally unexpected happened. Here I was, standing on the top step, and all I had to do was going downstairs, as I had done a million times before, even when drunk. Just, that it was a different matter now! Now I was in this huge crinoline, billowing out in front of me and hiding the steps from my view; my feet were in high heels with five inch spike heels, and I couldn't even walk in them on a flat carpet! Furthermore I was stuck in this dreadful corset, feeling slightly faint all the time. It was also pushing up my breasts, so I hardly saw anything else, when I was looking down, but my two big orbs. All my movement was hampered by the corset, I could hardly raise a leg without feeling its grip on my body.
I had to walk downstairs, if I wanted to run away, I couldn't just beam me down there. 'Beam me down, Scotty!' wouldn't help here. Carefully, I lifted my right foot, placed the heel right at the edge of the step and slowly stepped down. Keeping my balance was going to be the main problem, I soon realized. The next step wasn't any easier, and step number three almost made me fall. My lovely and beautiful petticoats had turned the stair into the deadliest thing! To be honest, I didn't see any steps at all! In front of me was nothing but a deep hole, and hadn't it been for the banister, I would have thought I was sentenced to walk the plank on a ship. This was horrible! Now I even noticed a feeling of giddiness!

I don't know how, but somehow I managed to get back into my room and recover a little, before I heared mother entering again. She asked me to stand under the lacing bar and hold the handle, then she took a few pictures, before putting the digi-cam away and resuming her dressing job.
"Now it won't be long, love, before you are all done and you can go downstairs. Dad is dieing to see you, believe me, and you must thank your father for this wonderful birthday present. Come on now! Now let me help you with your dress, and then we'll have to do something to your hair, you can't go with that boyish haircut, that just wouldn't fit the time, I am afraid. Come on, are you ready for your lovely dress?"

Chapter Nine

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