A Belt for Horny Girl


 My Birthday Present
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A Belt for a Horny Girl

Chapter 6

I was completely stunned. I had noticed the tension in dad's voice, just as if he was very close do doing something very, very... Well, doing what? What is in a man's mind, when he sees a girl like me? To answer that should be easy. But mom was still there, and she would not allow him to... to rape me? What else could it be? But then again, what about this stupid belt, how is that going to fit?
I heard mom answer. "Thank you darling, but I think I can manage. And it might be too humiliating for her, if you did that, don't you think? So, let's better say, you go downstairs again and start some supper. I guess, we'll be ready in about half an hour. You got the special box ready?"
Dad answered, that he hadn't, and that he hardly could wait to see me in my dress - the biggest one, we could find on the net, as he added into my direction. Then he handed something over to mum, but I couldn't see, what, as she was hiding it behind her body. But I clearly heard a sound, as if a chain had struck metal.
The next things happened almost simultaneously. First I noticed my computer. I had never installed a personal password on my machine, as my parents had their own PC downstairs. Then I remembered, that computers usually remember the sites, you have been to. The next thing was a sudden reaction of my right hand. It wanted to go down there between my legs, but, of course, it couldn't. My cunt was on fire, and it had just received a mental stroke. The truth had entered my brain without knocking at the door, and it had gone right through to the centre of pleasure. Belt! Metal! Chain! Internet! Now I knew, how mum could be so self confident, when she said, that parents know everything about their children!

"Dreaming, love?" Mum had come back to me, still hiding the piece de resistance behind her back. She put a broad smile on her lips. "Look, what we got for you!!" And with this, she took the thing from behind her back, holding it close to my head, so I could see its perfect form. A form, for which the only purpose was denying. Denying me pleasure. Sexual pleasure. Denying me relief! It would keep me safe- and horny - until someone decided to take it off again. A chastity belt!
I was in shock! Yes, I must admit, that I had been fascinated by chastity belts ever since I saw the first pictures of them. And that I had found many stories about enforced chastity on the net. About a year ago, I systematically had searched all the web about it, and I had very often imagined how it would be like, to be locked up into one of them. Not to able to pleasure oneself! Begging the key holder for mercy! Please, let me cum, I need it SO much!
No, it couldn't be. I was dreaming. They would not go that far.

The dream became even more realistic. As if she had done this many times, mum placed the broad steel band around my waist, that is, what was left of my waist due to the tight corset. It seemed to be a perfect fit. Next, she pulled the front shield, which was attached to the waist band by two broad chains, between my legs and brought it up in front. She was carefully placing the lips of my labia through the long and narrow slit in the front shield. Now she had to tug a little, to make the front shield join with the waist band. I noticed the growing tightness at my lips, which were now being squeezed through the slit. This feeling was almost too much for me. I slipped a loud moan, I was now very close to an orgasm. Then mum had joined the parts together over my corset, took a little padlock and locked the belt.

I was belted! And it wasn't a dream! Here I was standing - hanging - in my room, 17 years old, a beautiful girl with a nice figure (slim waist, not too small breasts), but now with a tiny, fragile waist, boobs that seemed to have grown to double size, now menacingly protruding from the top edge of my corset, and with her cunt locked away underneath a very solid belt of shining steel! Oh no....
Finally mother let me down from the lacing bar. She undid the rope, giving it more slack, and then released the leather straps from my wrists. I almost collapsed on the spot. Mum had to stabilize me. I told her, I wanted to sit down, but she meant, it would be better for me to walk around the room a little, and get used to my attire. With a firm grip she was leading me around, and I couldn't help but follow her. I wouldn't call my movement for walking, but wobbling; how on earth could women walk with high heels? Everything in my body felt different. But I hardly had the time to notice, since mother was leading me around at a quick step.
Suddenly, she stopped. She looked at my chastity belt, then touched her front with a melodramatic gesture, and exclaimed: "My oh my, how could we forget this! Now, where is that little thing? Look, love, it seems, dad has forgotten a little thing down there, so I'll be right back. You better try to use your time!" Saying this, she was out of the door - and my hand was where it belonged.

Chapter Seven

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