Original Fiction by Dr. Doom

The idea had seemed a good one. All sex offenders would be kept in one prison and it would be turned over to be operated by a coalition of feminists. However, the definition of "sex offender" was very wide. A man who merely had told a politically incorrect joke or refused to promote a woman employee might find himself imprisoned with a rapist. And when abuses crept into the prison, politicians did not have the will to undo what they had created. What had started as a good idea rapidly had become a dangerous one, especially when the prison began attracting women who hated men, or who enjoyed punishing and dominating them. It became known as a place of officially-sanctioned femdom and kinkiness.

A man sentenced to a term at the Boadicea Men's Prison would arrive in the evening. He was stripped of all his clothes by women guards and told that he would be kept naked for one week. An involuntary erection, not uncommon when confronted by physically striking female guards, was dealt with harshly, usually a whipping. Before anything else, the prisoner was fitted with a steel chastity belt. A steel band encircled the waist and a heavy plate extended over the genitals. The penis wasfitted into a rigid tube so that it was possible to urinate, but nothing else. The belt was pulled tight around the waist, an asbestos shield was inserted temporarily between it and the skin and the belt was welded closed.

Word of this barbaric system leaked out. But the prison administration successfully defended it, saying it was necessary both for the protection of staff and to prevent homosexual relations between prisoners. The journalist who had exposed the situation suddenly found himself facing charges of sexual harassment at his office. He was quickly tried and convicted and soon found himself at Boadicea, locked and welded into the very chastity belt he had decried.

The prison guards were all women. They wore provocative, skin tight uniforms, with wide leather belts, flared britches and long boots. Many of them were sensuous and beautiful. All seemed to be tall and massively endowed. But if one thing united them, it was a common desire to punish and dominate men.

Each prisoner was given a set of rules and was told they must be memorized word for word within 24 hours:

1) Boadicea Inmates are here solely for punishment. They have no rights and no appeal. The most they will gain by scrupulous observance of these rules is avoidance of additional punishment.

2) Inmates must never speak to their guards without being spoken to.

3) Inmates always must avert their eyes in the presence of guards.

4) Visits from immediate family are allowed for 15 minutes once a year.

5)Punishments will be determined on the spot by the guard and are not subject to appeal. Punishments include a wide range of restraints, helmets, masks, gags, punishment corsets and boots, whipping, sensual deprivation, sexual stimulation without gratification, and enforced feminization. The guard has sole discretion to determin the type or combination of punishment devices and the duration for which they will be applied.

Some of the guards showed amazing inventiveness and cruelty in dispensing punishment, very often for some trumped up reason. Men sometimes were chained to the wall or enclosed for days in heavy rubber suits. Whippings were common. One guard devised anelectrical device that attached to the metal chastity belt. She forced all the prisoners under her supervision to wear it constantly. She carried about a control panel, much like a TV remote control, with which she could administer shocks of varying intensity, individually or collectively. It was said that she had fewer problems and more obedience and respect on her cell block than any other guard.

What prisoners dreaded was to be under certain punishments during their annual family visit, for no exceptions were made. It wasn't too bad if you were merely corseted or manacled. In any case, conjugal visits were rare, and even when permitted, the welded chastity belt was never removed. Even a man sentenced to a segregation helmet was not permitted to remove it if his visit happened to fall during the period of his punishment. There were sad cases in which a man who had not seen his family for a year was put in the same room with them but able to communicate only by touch. In one particularly poignant case, the prisoner's wife was dying. It would be the last time they would see each other. He had pleaded for an exception to be made and was told it would be. His helmet had been removed, and he actually had had a glimpse of his beloved Mary. But then his guard, a large, big-breasted Amazon of a woman, was told the order had been countermanded by the warden. Despite his struggles, the helmet was forcibly clamped back on his head and locked, and he spent the few remaining moments of his visit unable to see or hear. Other men had scratched and pulled frantically, desperately, to free themselves, always without success. The only thing they gained was an additional month or two of punishment.

The punishment corsets were especially dreaded, and yet, fully sixty percent of the population might be confined in them at any one time for offenses real or imagined. A man might face long weeks of tight-laced torment for some minor infraction, say, failing to avert his gaze or speaking out of turn. They were made of rigid rubber and steel, extending from the neck to the knees, with a special reinforced area that accommodated the chastity belt already welded on the prisoner. They were not laced, but forced shut by a special hydraulic device, and then secured at the back with bolts. It was possible to lie down or to stand but almost impossible to sit. Sentences of six months or a year in such an unendurable device were not uncommon, although the first time it usually was for a month.

There was seething anger tempered by fear and dread of punishment. But prisoners found it almost impossible to plot or rebel. There was little chance to communicate. Any unauthorized notes or even words were harshly dealt with. One prisoner who had half- seriously suggested an inmate strike was fitted with a ball gag for the five year remainder of his sentence. When he then tried writing, his hands were manacled to the side of his corset.

There had been one briefly successful rebellion. The prisoners had seized a cell block, freed each other from their helmets and restraints. But there was no hope of it lasting. They finally surrendered without winning any concessions. Despite promises of no reprisals, each of the rioters was put into a tight fitting pressurized rubber punishment and isolation suit and kept that way indefinitely. Once a week their heads would be freed so they could take some solid food. The rest of the time they were nourished by a tube inside the helmet. Those who completed their sentences were freed. But at this writing, one of the rioters had endured eight years of this punishment. One man who had been freed at the end of his sentence and then tried to talk about his ordeal, found himself arrested and returned. On his first night back, his guard, a voluptuous red head with flaring hips and muscled thighs who he had known socially a few years previously, invited him to dinner in her quarters "to celebrate your return." She forced him to make love to her. Then she reimposed all his restraints: chastity belt, corset, steel collar, rubber body suit and manacles, laughing and taunting him as each lock was clicked shut. That was nine months ago.

And so it goes. Politicians, aware of the system but fearful of feminist backlash, refuse to act. Journalists, aware that several of their colleagues have ended up on the inside after attempting an expose', are fearful of reporting the situation. Women, wanting to rid themselves of a mate or a business rival, continue to fabricate charges that result in the unfortunate man in question being imprisoned at Boadicea.

Despite this, I have dared to write this article. Something must be done.


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