ANONYMOUS' experience with how corsets helped him deal with congenital deterioration of the lumbar spine

                 My first attempt to deal with disabling pain in my lower back due to congenital deterioration of the lumbar spine was to have a surgical fusion of vertebrae L4-L5.  When that proved unsuccessful and
 I rejected the idea of further surgery, my orthopedist referred me a surgical supply house for a spinal corset. Two attempts by their fitter were totally unsuccessful, so I consulted a genuine corsetiere.  I
have had corsets from five corsetieres in North America, England, and most recently Paris.  Through the process of successive approximations, I am now corseted pain-free. 
                 The theory of my present corset is that the pipestem waist holds my vertebrae in vertical alignment and the cupped ribs assist the corset in carrying part of the weight of my upper torso to my pelvis,
by-passing the lumbar spine.
                   I sleep tightly laced.  Despite the insertion of a sheet of 5/4-inch plywood between a so-called “extra firm” — don’t believe it — mattress and box springs, I was being awakened every morning at five
o’clock by pain in the lower back.  Wearing the corset has also eliminated this problem.




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