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Authors note: I’ve compiled this from my own diary(ies), which I have kept sporadically over the last few years. I’m not an avid diary keeper and I went for weeks sometimes with no entry at all. Also some sections have been removed for personal reasons, making some sections scratchy and incomplete sounding, for this I am not sorry as it is a look into, for me at least, an intensely personal side of me that very few people know about. Also for this reason I’ve asked that my alias be used rather than my real name. Anything in italic I’ve added as an extra thought as I have transposed this from pen to electronic text.

7th June 1989

Well this is it, I’ve done it now, I’ve posted away to the States for a catalogue of corset patterns. It’s taken me a fair bit of courage to send it. Being that I am still living at home at the age of 19, I doubt very much my parents would understand. Now thinking about it I know they wouldn’t understand at all being brought up in the ‘old school’. Dad would think that I’m gay, even though I am most certainly not. I’ve also decided to keep a diary as I think it would be interesting later on to have a look back and see how things processed. I don’t know how well that will go though when I think of my last diary attempts.

8th June 1989

Now begins my wait, I guess at least 2 weeks before I get the catalogue. My waist is about 30" so it should be a challenge. I’m not too sure what goal I want with a corset: Do I want to reduce my waist size? Or just to support my back? I injured my back in 1985 and have worn a brace since. I know I like the feeling of the constriction on my movements, though it isn’t too tight -- Do I want it tighter? The thrill I remember feeling, and still do, pulling on the brace for the first time….

9th June 1989

I’ve decided to not write any more until I either decide which way I wish to go of the catalogue arrives.

21st June 1989

Still no catalogue, though I have purchased a wide belt from second hand shop and worn it to restrict my waist to feel what its like. Only 1" so far.

23rd June 1989

It’s arrived! Though I’ve got lectures and tutes all-day so I will have to read it tonight – going to be a long day…

24th June 1989

Well I must say that I am in awe of what is available I can't actually remember the company's name, it was based in Maryland. Even then there was a lot of styles to choose from. I think a lot of people tend to think of corsetry as being very narrow of design until recently – how wrong they are! I’m also taken aback by the prices $450US for the basic waist clincher wow! I’m going to have to think about this. I know I can afford one [I ran my own business fixing computers], but it would be a waste of money if I didn’t get much use out of it. Though I suspect I will get a lot of use – it’s the middle of winter here and so I can wear heavier clothes, I’ve got the belt reducing my waist by 2" constantly. I’ve still got this belt, it’s a seventies reject about 2.5" thick. Occasionally I use it for nostalgia purposes.

25th June 1989

Decided to go to the bank tomorrow and get set up with a credit card – yes I’m going to get a corset. "Hour glass" style. I’m getting Kylie to measure me up tonight. Kylie was my then girlfriend who I believe I would have married (q.v.) She was very understanding about my corseting needs. Tried sleeping in my belt last night but it was too uncomfortable.

7th July 1989

Well I sent the order off today for a corset. Well actually two, Kylie wants to try one. It should arrive about a month before our second anniversary and we want to both be full time wearers of corsets by then. Kylie convinced me to get detachable garters just in case I ever wanted to go to a uni party in drag. Construction time is 8 weeks… That’s going to be a long time. Kylie is looking forward to lacing me into the corset, as I am her! I think that if I hadn’t had her support I would never had plucked up the courage to buy a corset little own wear one.

15th July 1989

Just got back from Sydney this morning from a 2 day trip -- found a great little shop that sells corsets [Custom made], though I didn’t have enough money with me to order one. Kylie and I are going to be going to Sydney again in about a month so I’ll have to look into it again – should have the money. I used to work casually for AUSTAX, an accounting software firm. Used to get heaps of work around each financial year.

16th July 1989

We had some fun last night talking about our plans together. Kylie seriously wants to reduce her waist as much as possible. This is a side of her I would never have expected. Thinking about it now I should have, as she loved clothes that were ‘gypsy’ like.

20th July 1989

A landlord for a house has approved us. Nice little three-bedroom brick veneer home. Moving in next weekend.

17th August 1989

Back in Sydney at the moment, we went to the corset shop, and we each were custom fitted. Kylie was first as I was nervous as hell. What would the lady, Barbara, think? I had fun though, as we were looking through styles, I slipped into my pocket and removed a little jewel box out of sight. She was looking at a lovely white wasp waist with brocade and lace trimmings, when I casual mentioned, "You’d look really good in that on our wedding day." It took a moment to sink in; at first I thought she hadn’t heard. I’ll leave the rest of this entry. Kylie and I spent the rest of the afternoon in bridal shops.

7th September 1989

Back in Sydney for AUSTAX With Kylie; today we get our corsets! Nervous as hell. Kylie’s looks wonderful and is an ivory colour, and mine is skin toned beige (I wear business shirts a lot). It feel strange putting it on. Barbara offers us help and even supplies for free a corset liner. Lacing is a chore to start with. With back lacing I knew it wouldn’t be easy but not this hard. Kylie looked absolutely stunning… We both agreed to lace in 2" to start with, which Barbara said was a little ambitious for a whole day but let us try anyway.

8th September 1989

Yesterday was both a dream and a pain. Yes I wimped out and loosened my stays to 1". Kylie loosened to 1.5" by about mid afternoon. We had a late lunch together which was nice. I’m still quite surprised that eating has never been a problem for me with my stays on. And went out to the movies. I quickly learnt that corsets WONT let you slouch. About an hour into the film we had to stretch our legs. If it wasn’t for the way it made me feel, I don’t think I would have lasted too long in corset training. Kylie also was a very big help.

12th September 1989

I can now go through the day with my corset laced to 2". I start out at about 2.’5" and loosened it about 3pm at night. Not ready for sleeping in it I don’t think. Wedding plans are going well. We’re going to be married in Camelot Castle in the Dandenong’s in March next year. Kylie is determined to have her corset fully closed before the wedding. She is a little too eager if you ask me, though.

20th September 1989

I’d completely forgotten about the corset I’d ordered from overseas. There is a parcel on my bed waiting for us when we got back from Sydney. However, we are both too tired so we agree to wait until morning.

21st September 1989

Forgot to mention yesterday that I’m staying at 2.5" all day and have decided to try sleeping in my corset tonight. The corsets from America are useless. Sure they fit, but are so uncomfortable. I guess we’ve been spoiled by a personally custom fitted one. We’ve resolved to try them for a while though. I guess they may need to stretch to fit out bodies.

22nd September 1989

Didn’t sleep in the corset last night -- after a day of wearing the US corset I wasn’t ready for a sleep in one. The corset did stretch a bit though and is now not too much of a chore to wear. I’m going to wear it today again. Kylie isn’t, hers chaffed under her breasts. I was forced <grin> to rub some cream there for her… Oops enough of that.

24th September 1989

Slept in my Aus corset last night. It took a little while to get comfortable, but I slept generally well, all things considered. I will say it does cramp the snuggling factor.

27th September 1989

I’m not at a stage where I genuinely regret removing my corset. Kylie is the same. One thing we will need to look into is the effects on corseting and babies. Kylie would like a large family about 5 or 6. Personally I’d prefer two; oh well, we will see. Looking back, we were pretty lucky, a 19yo and an 18yo, renting our own house, almost enough saved for a deposit on our own house… sigh.


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