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(above) '
Youth is Wasted on the Young' by Tina Imel




 'La Oni0n'
by Storm Thorgerson

Courtesy Misha





Gibson Girl

from Dolletteau

Definition:  The American young woman of the 1890s as idealized in sketches by the American illustrator  Charles Dana Gibson (1867–1944)




"Hourglass Figure"
by Scarlett Royal

Both sent along by Stephen K.

"Note the faint suggestion of sand draining through the 'hourglass' behind the laces."

Original for sale or in the form of a postcard here


"Miss Flirt"

Original for sale or in the form of a postcard here





Roger K:

"Here's a little-known painting that deserves
to be rescued from obscurity.
"It'sThe Bridge at Etaples, by English artist
P. Wilson Steer (1860-1942)."





Turn this way, oh wait!

by Diesseapril








This image, submitted anonymously, came to us in a file entitled '2006-Haunted Bride.'  Can anyone identify the artist or provenance?







"World's Thinnest Waist"
by Rosanna Lacey

Found by Harald W.





            Art by Colette Calascione




An odd corset depicted in this photo by 'Bloody Black Cat'

"Here's Looking at You"

Courtesy David M.







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