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Elvgren's "Waisted Effort"

John Carey Photographic Imagery
--corsetted models--2215-R Market St., Box 242, San Francisco, CA 94114

Christa Cebis--textile corset art--Blindendorfer Strasse 36, A-2630 Ternitz, Austria Tel: 02630/35349

Corbis -- -- search under "corset"

CT Productions, P.O. Box 11402, Tacoma, WA 98411

Peter DaSilva, P.O. Box 8751, Emeryville, CA 94662 Tel: (510) 658-8715

David Graham--unusual wearable art

Graphica Design, RR2 Box, Perkinsville, VT 05151 Tel: (802) 263-9444

Natasha Epperson --

Justice Howard, 3859 Lancome, Las Vegas , NV 89115

Pedro Konijn, Beatrixweg 10 Place: St. Willebrord, PO Box 4711 RW, Netherlands Tel: +31 06 -22618063

Pewtiful Sculpture, 2 Weardale Close, Reading, Berkshire, RG2 7JD, UK   Tel:  01189 874 305
Eric Kroll Photographs
, P.O. Box 642176, San Francisco, CA 94164-2176 Tel: (415) 931-4324

Mary's Boudoir Photo Studio, (Rudi Franke), 8627 Log Run South Drive, Indianapolis, IN 46234 Tel: (317) 298-4803 (Looking for models in Indianapolis area)  See for examples.

Ophelia's Art,

Mark Ricketts, PO Box 1351, Kingston Upon Thames KT1 9FA United Kingdom  Tel: [44] 020 8241 6733
-- corset sculptures        SAMPLE  

Racy Art and Design, (Ray/ C. Artz) 3368 Governor Dr., Suite F-231, San Diego, CA 92122        -- High-end custom art

Christian Ritter              

Thom Roman, corset fetish photography and illustration, P.O. Box 29083, Las Vegas, NV Tel: (702) 376-8466

Bob Russell

Ted Samotowka, corset fetish photography (Ontario, Canada) Tel: (416) 760-3390 E-mail:

Barbara Segal, 88 Alta Ave., Yonkers, NY 10705 - corset sculpturist Tel: (914) 968-1378  An example of Ms. Segal's wonderful work!

Smart Credits (Ray Leaning & Carol Milligan), 12 Newmarket Road, Brighton, BN2 3QF, UK Tel:01273 671 450  

Sarah Snow (UK) "I am a freelance photographer and TV, I love to help other girls get a set of pictures which won't break the bank, I can travel, within reason, or
                    accommodate. I usually charge around 30 for about 50 pictures, if you are interested, mail me at"  

Dita Teese Playboy, et al.... model                     

Third Man Photography (Francesco Cavaliere), 94 Newlands Rd., Norbury, London, SW16 4SU, U.K.    --mostly photos of Pandora

Thru the Lens, P.O. Box 239, Los Altos, CA 94023-- Corset photography Tel: (415) 940-1942

Trashy Diva, (pictures) 1052 St. Charles St., Atlanta, GA (Tel: 404-872-5040) AND
                    829 Chartres St., New Orleans, LA (Tel: 504-581-4555)  ALSO:  Tel: (888) 818-DIVA

Jacqueline Urbach, -- see Part One (Zurich, Switzerland)

Jeanette Vonier, 41 Simms Street, San Rafael, CA 94903

White Rabbit Photography and Illustration (Danielle Bedics)  San Francisco

from K.O. Munson

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