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Contemporary Well-known Tightlacers

See Pantera's *Corset Glimpses* photography page here, and her "Amazon Galleries" here.

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We are utterly STUNNED and deeply saddened to announce that the beautiful and vivacious


 passed away in July, 2016

She will be sorely missed by all who knew her, a great credit to our Community;
 to loose her at such a young age is traumatic.

God Bless her.  She will certainly live on in OUR hearts.


Holmanny points to this VERY special video of Pantera, may she rest in peace, the darling...

(below) "I have something quite funny I would like to show you - well (if not laced tightly) the corset isn't that bad at the heat we had here last days, but heat + wearing latex for some garden work wasn't such a good idea...but IMO it looks good.  <LOL> Also, using water like that would not be possible with a normal corset. So here some pictures as long as the cold splash still helped to cool me down for a while...  Today it is not that hot here but it feels *warm* to me when I look at those pictures."


(below, winter 2010) Pantera sends her Christmas greetings from snow-white Germany to the LISA audience!   


(below) "This is a more fetish, vintage inspired style... well actually more suitable for boudoir, doubtlessly. :)))"

(below) "The latex corset I wear here is well-fitting but not tight, so very suitable for everyday activities too, as I move quite a lot.  
I really love the nice waist line on me it gives, and as you see it is about fashion: an edgy but not fetish style for me here." 


Pantera has sent us a video review of several of her corset poses ("Mixed Impressions")

Click frame at right

Nicely optimized by  Crinolyn


(below) A cute little tale <ptp> of an annoyed doggie -- this doggie does not like to shop, but Pantera is an addict! 
Look at the expression on doggie's face - that is, if you can take your eyes from Pantera for a second!

(below) Pantera shows off her favorite boots!

Pantera loves to show herself in corsets, but spike heels are dear to her heart, too!


(below) Pantera's funky new pair of boots, and models them with...what else?



(below) "Here I have something different to show again - less classy feminine, more fetish and actually in-public suitable in spite it is a latex corset -  
me as a kind of *corsetted and snake* model :)))"




Winter fun


(below) "No vintage, a modern woman of today :). I am not tight laced here - corsets just sometimes look that extreme on me, especially when I move.
Which is one more reason I like corsets on me :))).  



The fetish basics:

Pantera has provided these images of herself out on the town, wearing a latex cat suit, gloves, ballet boots and, of course corset...

"The corset is by Demask (a fetish outfit supplier actually), not suitable for tight lacing and without a front busk (it has a lacing only) and probably every corset lover will get tears in the eyes seeing what I did with the corset here but it was so much *fetish classics* there, I NEEDED something different here. *Smile*"




Here is a 2011 video which shows her diversity, sent by Jörge and optimized by Crinolyn.





Jörge sends this Pantera video

...tightening the laces on one of her black PVC corsets and then putting on red spike heels

Optimized by Crinolyn


Pantera shares a bit of herself:

"I enjoy corsets that edgy fetish fashion way; I wear them but I confess it is still the (authentic) styles from mid 1800s till 1900s I love most,
as well as the feminine *hidden* style of the 1950s.  So this is why I love the LISA site -  always showing several beautiful old-time ladies
in corsets in the new Updates. When I get older and think this *badtaste-fashion* too inappropriate for for me then - I'll be honest, though I
like and wear it, I still think the style in these pictures pictures with those wet-look leggings are quite a fashion mistake, <lol> - but later, I think
I will start serious tightlacing and wear particularly *old-fashioned* clothes... But it is not that far yet; it is more about latex right now *smile*."



A beautiful portrait of a proud
Pantera and her proud mom!

"(Mom) likes my photographs, (but not so tightly laced); thus, here my corset is not tightly laced. Especially because I am aware, due to my tallness, when tightly laced my waist looks really extremely tiny in real (photos hardly show how it really looks then, especially as I usually do not make wide-angle photographs ). But as to this vintage, feminine direction generally (not even 100% correct in historical sense, but lived today) - she shares my love for it. She has always encouraged me to live my creativity even if this might look crazy for the others. Also she said even those more extreme things are OK as long I do it by my own taste, visions and feelings, not on pressure (e.g. lacing tighter can be also a subtle but steady pressure coming from fans on the Internet). This is why I would not publish my measurements, as there will be always somebody comparing or what ever- but it should be just about a healthy approach and a visual enjoyment in my eyes.

I feel free in my mind and accepted just the way I am and this is what I owe to my mom. I have to say I have a lot of luck concerning the people around me. But for sure this is for sure one more reason why I enjoy interaction with other  people who share my passion :)))."





Pantera has sent some pictures of herself "de-fetishizing" a latex corset (wearing it without shine for a *serious* business look) - the corset isn't closed completely so as not to look too extreme, but to give herself a more casual look, matching to the fine high heels - thanks to Fantastic Rubber 


Visit the Light-Fetish site



A interesting pair, one incorporating a unique lacing technique <g>

Good for the thigh muscles, too!






Pantera has provided a 'lifestyle' video,
which we know you will enjoy.

Click on frame at right

"Corsets are for me an issue of fashion or lifestyle, not about
fetish or tightlacing (though I like the last sometimes too)."

Optimized by Crinolyn


"Candid Fetish" series



Another interesting video from Pantera, this showing her self-lacing a Fantastic Rubber corset

Click on frame at right

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Pantera shares with us this classy picture of her and her horse, Filou...





Frolicking Pantera, and a moving .gif




Pantera has a great humility about her appearance, and the manner in which people view her:
"Aside from enjoying corsets myself, it makes me happy and proud to see other people enjoy my pictures and videos as well... Though I actually do not have a personal need to share my pictures, on the other hand, I hope they might make more people love and wear corsets, high heels, latex etc, encouraging other women to celebrate their femininity - and there is hardly anything else being that versatile and effective at this as a CORSET; thus, getting  feedback on this is very satisfying indeed!   These below I think of as so funny and quite different because of the tights with the tattoo look - but no real tattoos! - making the whole outfit looking really edgy, especially with the latex and corset."



Displaying and adjusting some of her corsets

Roaming outdoors in her tight corsets

In her maroon red latex corset

Putting on a latex stocking

In ballet boots

In white latex

On the street



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