Kathy Jung Feature


Taken at the 1997 Bal de Gracieuses on October 26th near Kassel, Germany (Hotel Schloß Wolfsbrunnen)

Cathie Jung, in her silver (yes! REAL silver) corset (cover). It is the conception of dress and corset designer Dean Sonnenberg. The actual unique creation, which will never be made a second time, was crafted by silversmith Anthony Pacesa. It really belongs in a museum! Cathie normally sports a 15" waist, so this is probably of that size.

Under her silver corset Cathie was wearing a fine leather under-corset. Her real corset was built into her dress. Wouldn't we all have LOVED to be there?

Here it is by itself! Takes the breath away! What an incredible masterpiece!

Click here for some more special pictures of the Bal de Gracieuses 97, including one of Cathie, wearing another amazing original leather creation!

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