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Comic postcard, featuring a lady with child, in a classic S-bend Edwardian corset, speaking to the stork:

"But I can't possibly be expecting a baby - look at my waist!"

...from Stephen K.












(1905-1910 Vintage) French hand tinted photo postcard featuring a Madamoiselle Davrigny in a heavily corseted stage costume.

Courtesy Dean


"Adjusting Stockings" 
by Ophelia



      Below is a charming antique postcard, sporting a perfume advertisement -     sent by the estimable Dean.  The filesize has been kept fairly large to retain legibility.  Conglomerate translation under picture,
courtesy Frank and Catherine.

3. Dressing* the Parisian lady

To be even more provocative** she resorts to perfume. After this inebriating shower she is even more provocative.
By all devices*** you tempt us, Lady!  You do not forget any way to be even more provocative. 
You know how to use perfume.

*    In this context, "faire sa toilette" has two meanings: to get washed, and to get dressed
**    In fact, 'troublante' would be 'subtly provocative', but I cannot find a word that conveys the meaning. Other words
       found in the dictionary: disturbing; arousing (the French word is not quite as graphic as this).
***    alternative : means, ways.






Looks more like a tight belt under the suit than a corset...





A fine antique postcard image,
sent by Stephen K.:

"No visible corset, but certainly a visibly corseted figure!"






A cute vintage postcard
from Stephen K:

"I suppose in terms of relative naughtiness this is the 1900
equivalent of skinny-dipping: corset-paddling!"

Wouldn't we we all like to see her on the beach?







(above center) Folies Bergère performer  (right) Brèsil, Follies Bergère dancer and actress

Series (below)


 "A 1909 postcard by Xavier Sager. BIG hats were in style then and, of course, the long corset."  




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