Kelly Brook


Former presenter on "The Big Breakfast", (British) Channel Four

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The cover of a 2003 Sunday Times




(above) ...from her 2009 perfume promotion - More from this photo shoot:  #1  #2  #3

(above) From Nuts Magazine


Charlotte H.:

"I stumbled across pictures, from the Daily Mail, of Kelly Brook at an awards ceremony wearing a pink PVC with clear corsetry underneath. With a natural waist of 24" (according to her Wikipedia page), surely an estimate of about 20 inches isn't out of the question?"

Aarkey also reports in on this special dress - more pictures can be found on this forum

This particular shot (below) seems to be the most revealing of the corset underneath



Stephen K.:
"Kelly Brook is a pretty, curvaceous English model/actress/TV presenter. This is a picture 
of her almost twenty years ago showing off to the paparazzi on the red carpet in a red
satin corset and tight black satin miniskirt, and obviously lapping up all the attention."

(Two other perspectives of this above)

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