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Famous Tightlacers from the Past - Singers

Talia sends this image from a performance of the Mozart opera, Don Giovanni, circa 1900. The performers are a tightly corsetted Bessie Abott and Maurice Renaud. They are performing the famous duet "La ci darem la mano."  The fact that one can clearly sing opera in a corset is a fine argument in evidence of the fact that yes, one CAN indeed breathe while wearing one.

Actually, even to this day, many operatic singers wear corsets for the breath SUPPORT.





Rose Caron (1894?)


Celebrated French operatic soprano (1857-1930).
 Born Rose Lucile Miller.




Stephen K.:

Famed Russian opera soprano (1860-1936), Félia Litvinne
(as Isolde, Metropolitan Opera
 - 1896-97)

" white dress, simply but cleverly cut to emphasise the taper of her waist."

More (apparently she kept not her figure)






Eva Tanguay

(1879-1947) was a Canadian-born singer and entertainer
who billed herself as "the girl who made vaudeville famous."



Courtesy  Catalina O.








Lotti Collins, British singer and dancer

Both pictures provided by Ally Blyth



Internationally famous turn of the century Finnish diva soprano 

Aino Ackté

 The inscription is translated as "Fiancée Aino Ackté 1899."


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(Above two) Singer and comedienne Marie Jansen  (1857-1914)




Adelina Patti

he most celebrated coloratura soprano of the 19th century...

Compliments Misha




Renown vocalist Mlle. Manon 1899
Photographs by Stebbing







American contra-alto Agnes Huntington in 1890

Stephen K:

"Her bodice is so tight, rigid and elaborately curved that it gives the impression of being merely fabric upholstered directly onto the corset beneath."



(below) Valery V. points to an interesting trio of French sites and, from therein, has provided some enhanced samples of pictures of
French singer and dancer Emilienne d'Alencon (1869-1946) -
Click to enlarge.    Sites:  #1   #2  #3





Era Opera singer

Raymonde Herradura Dauphin

 Tendered by John A.





Era opera singer Maud D'Orby






French operatic soprano

Emma Calvé

...probably the most famous French female opera
 singer of the Belle Époque.

Courtesy Misha


More Era tightlacers




Australian opera soprano Nellie Melba

Courtesy Misha



More Era tightlacers




(above) Viennese soprano Lola Beeth


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