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Famous Tightlacers from the Past - Royals & Aristocrats

A place for the further researching of tight-laced royalty:




HRH Victoria Alexandra Olga Mary Princess of Great Britain and Ireland, Princess of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha, Duchess of Saxony 

HRH Maud Charlotte Mary Victoria Princess of Great Britain and Ireland, Princess of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha, Duchess of Saxony ("Harry") 



From Stephen K., the three Princesses of Wales:

"I can't help speculating if under those matching outfits there are also matching corsets!"

(Wedding Portrait)

 The Duke and Duchess of Fife (1889)

HRH Louise Victoria Alexandra Dagmar Princess of Great Britain and Ireland , Princess of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha , Duchess of Saxony ("Lulu")   


Alexander William George Duff 1st Duke of Fife  

Married: Private Chapel, Buckingham Palace , St. James Park, London , July 27th, 1889

Two fine examples of the handsomely-corsetted Princess Victoria

(At right, with a youthful Duke of Windsor,
Edward VII,  and Queen Victoria. From a book, perhaps entitled "Windsor Revisited.")

Left picture can be enlarged by clicking




Three daughters of Queen Alexandra of England -
Maud, Victoria and Louise
Picture Courtesy of National Portrait Gallery

Provided by Ally Blythe

One might well imagine how the man of the house was distracted
by all those beautifully corseted women about!




(above) Princess Victoria with her sister Maud, later queen of Norway. Both as a bridesmaid of George V`s wedding with May of Teck in 1893

          (above both)  Princess Weida  -  18" waist

Otto S.:

Princess Weida

"These pictures to me they are a mystery.  There are references all across the Net but they each refer to each other, and many of them to LISA.

"Weida is a small town in Thuringia, Germany which is a district I know very well.  The entire district and the river Weida were in the Grand Duchy of Saxe-Weimar-Eisenach until 1918, but it was never a principality.  Therefore, I cannot understand the the title of Princess.

"Could someone please give the historical basis for this lady being called a princess?  She shows a figure of great style and delight, but I wonder about her provenance."   Email




John has provided us with this picture of the Archduchess Marie Valerie







Sam Laur adds:

"Here is a good one of their mother (They were Archduchesses in Austria, daughters of Empress Elizabeth a.k.a. Sissi). Too bad it's a small one but she definitely goes a few steps further than Gisela!"

More of Sissi



Marie Valerie (also below, as Gran Duchess) and her Sister Gisela. Gisela has a noticeably smaller waist than Marie








A latter Duchess of Leinster
(Victorian era)








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