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Famous Tightlacers from the Past - Dancers

Some enlargeable


Tightly laced Moulin Rouge dancer named Girel

Not a particularly clear picture, but worth the posting to demonstrate that cancan dancing did not require a supple waist

Provided by Ally Blyth



Adeline Plunkett
Belgian dancer
Stephen K. points to this romantic print:

"Of course 19th century artists exaggerated their subjects' waists, but they make nice pictures anyway."








Saharet, Australian dancer

Courtesy Misha










Mlle. Thorigny
Parisian cancan dancer


Found by Stephen K.






Marianne H.:

"Edythe Lambelle, scene name La Sylphe, was an American dancer and contortionist; her suppleness made it possible for her to realize the extreme s-bend figure."





French Era dancer Jeanne Demarsy portrayed posing for
 dans 'Dix jours au Pyrenées'


Courtesy Stephen K.




 1890s dancer

Coralie A. Calvert




Oil painting by Richter, 1853
Fanny Elssler
Austrian dancer
Stephen K. points to this romantic print:

"Of course 19th century artists exaggerated their
 subjects' waists, but they make nice pictures anyway."




Stephen K.:

Liane de Pougy (1869 1950), was a Folies Bergères dancer renowned as one of Paris' most beautiful and notorious courtesans.









Cléo de Mérode,  
French dancer of the Belle Époque

(top left) On a postcard, submitted by Stephen K.

Other Postcards

(top right) Location:  Musée d'Orsay, Paris












Era dancer, chanteuse
 Nina d'Asty
(middle: 1904)






(above two left) La belle Otero, dancer and courtesan     (right) French dancer Thea 


Associated with these 1898 images of Madame Thylda is the photographer 'Stebbing'. A dancer in Parisian theater, she apparently enjoyed her tightlacing.

We cannot find much in English about this lady, but perhaps someone out there can provide a credible translation from the German (below).  Both the images and the text were provided by Peter O.



Im Pariser Theater 'Olympia' übt gegenwärtig ein Ballet, das sich Barbe bleue betitelt, eine grosse Anziehungskraft aus.
Es ist das alte vom Blaubart in prächtiger Gewandung und mit allerliebsten Tänzen.
Grossen Beifall findet namentlich die Darstellerin der jungen Frau des blutdürstigen Ritters, welche gegen sein Verbot das geheime Gemach öffnet, aber vom Tode durch die zur Hülfe herbeigerufenen Brüder erlöst wird.
Es ist dies Madame Thylda, ein Stern des Theaters, und diese Künstlerin zeichnet sieh durch die Anmuth ihrer Bewegungen und die eindringliehe Lebendigkeit ihrer Mimik in der That ganz besonders aus.


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