Gallery#5 - Artists



Famous Tightlacers from the Past - Artists & Authors


Marie Bashkirtseff,
Russian artist

(waist extraordinaire)


Very beautiful... very tragic... talented artist,
friend of famous French painter,  Lepage...
died of TB at the age of 26.

Compliments Sasha






Giorgio provides us with this image of a tightwaisted

Julie Manet


 French painter, daughter of Berthe Morisot
and niece of Eduard Manet.

        Photo taken 1894.

      Musée Marmottan, Paris








Roger K. provides this image of author Edith Wharton, from the 1880s, apparently from the cover of a biography






Stephen K.:

Nellie Bly, shapely Victorian journalist, and "a corset-related rant"

"The author of the page is reading a book featuring Nellie Bly, a real character, and objects to the stereotypical scene in which Nellie has to show she is an independent
woman by objecting to corsets. She points out that, given the photograph included in the book (right), Nellie Bly was obviously fashionably laced."





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