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Famous Tightlacers from the Past - Actresses

Note "cigarette cards" of actresses here

One of the most famous hourglass figures of the Edwardian period



"The most beautiful lady in the beginning of the twentieth century."




Maxine Elliot (1873-1940),
actress from

"The Golden Age of Theater"

Jessie C. Dermott was her real name




Stephen K. writes:

"Jeanne de Marsy was a Paris actress and model for Manet. The page has a photograph for sale, originally a cabinet print. It is far too expensive for me but I was drawn to it by the seller's summary after the potted biography of her: 'In this portrait, Mlle. de Marsy's frank confrontation of the lens, the half-smile that plays about her sensuous lips, the exposed flesh of her smooth white arms and the ample charms of her belle poitrine create an image of a woman at the height of her sexual allure. The tight black satin of her dress stretched across an obviously corseted waist borders on the erotic.' It's well over the border as far as I'm concerned!"




Four simply marvelous images of Edwardian actress DeVére!

All enlargeable

Sometimes it is difficult to comprehend that these beauties ACTUALLY existed!


Phillipa and Philip write:

" of our great-aunts acted with DeVére before the First World War.  We have pictures of Great-aunt Phyllis and she was corsetted as well.
We estimate from the photo at left that DeVére is corsetted to about 23 inches waist.  Great-aunt Phyllis' corsets were donated to a number of museums in England, and hers varied from 23 inches to 26 inches during her life. She stopped wearing corsets after the age of 50 in 1926 but wore Blair girdles for the rest of her life.  We still have two of those in the "family chest".
This reminds us of research by the Victoria & Albert Museum in London which said -
we think we can remember:

Range of corset waist sizes for women of 'normal' stature: from 18" to 30".
Most common waist size: 22 ".
Least common waist size: 18 " - only two examples, we think.
Apparent height of corset wearers: from 4'11" to 5'5' -
say 4 inches shorter than typical young women these days."


A wonderful cabinet card, featuring
 Fin de Siecle actress Lettice Fairfax, with her most remarkable waist.





Exquisitely corseted actress/dancer
Kate Vaughn

(Left in 1884)

Each enlargeable










Stephen K.:

Two vintage picture blogs

"Run by the same woman. Do You Remember When...? has old pictures from all periods, including some excellent ones from the 19th century (Example to the left). The unfortunately named Fuck Yeah Edwardian has only pictures from that period and hasn't got far yet, but the presence of Miss Camille Clifford suggests more to look forward to."

This fine example is of Kate Vaughan

(above) as Lady Teazle in The School for Scandal (1887)


Stephen K.:

"The exceedingly tightly-laced belle in this postcard (circa 1895) may be (sic) Blanche Denège, a French actress born in 1876: she is the right age to have been in the height of fashion then. A classic example of a waist the size of her neck!"



Lena Ashwell

Actress from "The Golden Age of Theater"

(left) a quite impressive straight-front
(perhaps s-curve) corset, most certainly tightened beyond
the recommendation of physicians.

Lena Margaret Pocock was her real name

Both enlargeable





Hollywood actress Pauline Frederick

"Tragedienne of the Silent Screen"


Apparently this is not from a film, but a play, The Girl
in White
. It appears most likely she only 'tightlaced' for her parts...



The Pauline Frederick Website 


(below) Actress Miss Micheline (1899), photographer Dupont


Renown vocalist Mlle. Manon 1899
Photographs by Stebbing







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