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Famous Tightlacers

"You could not ask for a better illustration of Edwardian corset forms and the ideal of the Belle Époque figure."  Stephen K.
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(Far L) Elegant for her last appearance in Birmingham  (next to far L) With unsympathetic_retouching   (far R) 1902



Other perspectives on this gown:  #1    #2

In #2 (from Stephen K), the petal-like marks are paint - the picture had been retouched crudely into colour. Stephen scanned it in black and white, as the color was both garish and unrealistic, but that didn't remove the marks someone had put all over the gown.





Jörg provides this silhouette in paper -
he believes it may be of Miss Clifford


We are told this is Camille Clifford, but it must
be in her younger years - she looks different. 




Jon H.:

"This popped up after a bit of googling. It is a very well known advertising
image but I had never seen the original. Often said to be Camille Clifford
without any evidence whatsoever, and the lady does not look particularly like her."



Sam Laur and Camille Clifford:

"The first one seems to be the same dress, but in a different pose, as pictures already on LISA:

"The second one there is in the exact same pose, but it's a closeup of just her, not the whole posed theatrical scene:

"As a side note, the second picture also shows some telltale signs of photo retouching around the waist.
It's not a modern job, I believe the picture was scanned as-is from the photo card. But there are some uneven patches of gray on both sides. I mean, it's an excellent job for the time period and is barely detectable, but still, things are rarely what they seem at first glance. I've seen plenty of antique photo cards where the retouching is really obvious, and it seems that the more famous actresses and especially royals could afford the better retouch artists."


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