Classic and modern corset fetish pictures

Latex and rubber - Gallery #3

(above) Tess


 A provocative image, tendered by Peter L.


Aarkey is about 95% sure that this image is
LA Dominatrix Katja Minx (from 1990s)






(above ) Madame Cora


The above two photos reproduced for review purposes only and to encourage viewers to visit the site.



Giorgio sends along this image from Esterne Magazine.


December, 2007 "ATrash" calendar girl







Mike B. points to a page worth visiting
(more of this 'tidy waist')








Stefano sends images from a fetish magazine
circa about 1970 to 1973.

Cover at left, inside pictures below (click to enlarge latter)


James T. points to this Irving Klaw video

Steph from France sends this nice fetish scenario:

The woman seated is "Midori", well known in the Fetish World. She is frequently seen in corsets and has a appeared on HBO Real Sex numerous times. She has a website she no longer updates at  

(above) click for close-up


Stephen K.:

"Australian photographer Lisa Nicole Fuller took these pictures of a friend
in a fetish outfit of black PVC corset, black PVC pencil skirt, and high-heeled boots.

"Note, however, that as some visitors have commented, the corset is not
laced properly closed. Also, the pictures are very large; even on an ADSL
 line I found it took a few minutes to load properly"





This extremely graphic fetish and B&D site contains a nice corset image here and there.  We recommend a visit for those with a heavy fetish interest.

Pointed out by Chris L.


STAY AWAY from the above link if you are not
prepared to view EXTREME images




A fine image from the German site

Courtesy Marcus




Aurora R.:

"I accidentally bumbled into a very intriguing leather fetish corset page (Antiseptic Fashion). I think other corset fans would be interested in these too!"


'Ultra Heels' sends this image of
Anne Stonebrook in California Bondage Gear








Ballet boots coupled with corsets make a delightful duo -
walking in them, especially while corseted, is an art -
watching a lady do so adeptly is a thrill not to be missed!

Here fetish model Eden Wells...


Lacie's ballet boots
(Vidclip of her shopping in them, for them)

Spook's ballet boots (middle of page)





(above left) Classic Annie Sprinkle  (right)

(above) Darenzia
Corset made by Exquisite Restraint Corsets   Photography by Ken Marcus

(above two) Berlin fetish

(right) Photographer:
Phillip Marco Vallentin

(above left) Fetish representation from the Deviant Art site  (center)   (right)


(above) Betty Page, of course!


S.S. sends this scan from
Fantasy Fashion Digest,
issue #4:

Click to enlarge picture




Fetish stand at a 2009 Turin book fair

...from Giorgio

Click to enlarge




Missed opportunity:

The lace certainly makes for an intriguing presentation - of course, closing the corset
would make it even more so!
Don't you just want to...

Courtesy Chris L.






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