"Pirates of the Caribbean"

Pirates of the Caribbean:

with Keira Knightly

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A corset-synopsis by Ryan:

The beginning of the film finds Lucinda Dryzek, Miss Knightley’s character as a child in a gown that appears to involve some corseting – the gown is very fitted and quite straight.

Later, after she has grown up, she being given a new dress from her father for a special ceremony.  She tries it on at once, and we see her assistants (handmaidens? What would the proper term for those days be? 'Ladies maids' - ed) lacing her into a corset.  While this is happening, we see only the upper back, basically, and the scene is quite short, but nice, nonetheless.  At one point she remarks how tight it is, and she is told that it is the latest fashion from London.

 We later see her in this gown at the ceremony and afterwards, when she is being proposed to, she is seen gasping and clutching at her stomach several times, before she faints.  She is revived only when she is released from her corset (we see it ripped from her body).

She is given a gown by a pirate and it appears to at least be fitted.  Because of previous mentions of corsets in this movie, I’m sure Keira was corseted in the dress. (I guess this falls under the “gowns” category).

 While she is fighting a pirate, she mentions something to the point of “you want to talk about pain? Try wearing a corset!”  I believe this line was in the trailer, and a direct quote can be given.

 Again fitting in with “gowns," the end of the movie finds her in yet another tight dress.  At one point she faints, claiming, “I can’t breathe!”  She gets up soon after.

More publicity, courtesy Aarkey:

"The actress wore 500,000 worth of Asprey diamonds and a black Alexander McQueen corset to the premier."

"'I just want to have a good time tonight. I got all dressed up - I know people would be surprised, but I wore a corset again after all the similar outfits I wore for this film. But I just couldn't resist.'"

 (at bottom) "Still, you can feel sorry for Keira at least in terms of her costume -- which required her to wear a tight-fitting corset: 'The corset pain was very real in the movie. It was my fault -- I decided it would be a really great laugh if I saw how tight I could make it. We got it down to about 20 inches and it looks great, fabulous cleavage, everything's wonderful, but the oxygen deprivation was a tiny bit of a problem and it didn't look particularly great when I started turning blue.'"

Internet Movie Database -- now removed:

"The British 18-year-old comes across in person as sweet, enthusiastic, and
always on the lookout 'for a giggle,' as she puts it. Not that there was anything remotely giggle-inducing about the vise-like corsets she had to wear for Pirates, which she refers to as "very sexy but very cruel - 'I nearly fainted' (more about which later).

Q: What about the scene in Pirates where you're gasping for air. Was the corset that bad or was it just acting?

'No, it was really that bad. You just can't breathe in them at all, but it was my own fault, as I have this thing about Gone With The Wind and Scarlett O'Hara when she got her waist down to about 18 inches. I thought, 'Ooh, that'd be a good idea! Let's see if I can do that.' I got mine down to about 20 inches and couldn't breathe. It's fine in the fitting as they're only 5 minutes long, but as soon as I was in it for 12 hours my eyes started rolling in the back of my head and I began to faint. I don't think I actually passed out, but it was close and the director said, "You have to get off set and out of that corset!"' So I got an hour off occasionally so I could breathe a bit and eat a bit, 'cos the food stops here (points to her chest) and it feels like it's going to come up at every opportunity, which is really, really nice. Luckily my costume girl Stacey was always there and as soon as I began to turn blue she'd say, "Time to get it off."  So the moral is, never wear a corset!'

(Editor - Poor baby! She should try wearing a REAL corset - that thing she had on was so 'strong' that the hero/villain tore it off with one hand!)

Shirley and Martin write:
'I got all dressed up - I know people would be surprised, but I wore a corset again after all the similar outfits I wore for this film  (Pirates of the Caribbean). But I just couldn't resist.'

From the Scottish Daily Record newspaper for May 25, 2007 (about PPC 3):

Q: WHAT sort of costumes do you wear in this one? Are you back in the corsets?
A: I AM in a kind of Oriental type vibe thing with shorts - it's the first time I have got legs out and it's terrifying. The rest of the time I've got kind of the pirate look instead of the corset.  

Q: AND do you prefer that rather than being strapped in?  
A: I QUITE like corsets actually, it kind of gives you a character. You feel so ladylike but I kind of feel a little bit more like me now because I am in sort of boy's attire. I am giving far too much away.

A related article, mentioning her '19 inch' corset, pointed out by Mr. T:


Finally, Phil Boarder, one of our British correspondents, submits this bit of summer of 2003 rambling...


The long hot summer is continuing in Britain. Seaside towns are booming and the tourist trade is picking up after many setbacks over the last few years. There is a downside to the hot weather for some. Corset wholesalers struggle in the summer with weddings planned months in advance being the only main stay (excuse the pun) Christmas, Halloween and Valentines day, all major corset purchase periods seem a long way off. But why be so down, winter will soon be here.

Well the problem I am facing at the moment is from a film. Pirates of the Caribbean. Every Radio and TV station is running the advert where the leading lady shouts, "If you think that's painful try wearing a corset!"  Good publicity? Maybe, but the Fetish and S and M crowd among us could be pleased. The statement enforces the underlying act of no pain no gain that gives the corset its appeal for wearer and voyeur. Will it generate search engine use? I am not sure.

So why am I concerned by the advert? Well if the leading lady in a major Disney film had shouted, "If you think I am dangerous try eating British Beef," I do not think the Meat Marketing board would take it lightly. I know corsets have been used to drag punters into cinema seats for years, sex sells and the corset to many is pure sex, but I just thought I would put down a few thoughts on the subject. Fashion is always a fine line between sex and profit. The corset can be an item of beauty that carries a dangerous tag. The balance is a fine one. Has The Curse of the Black Pearl yet to strike our business? 


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