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Albert Corsets, for elegance, tight lacing and waist training.


The Introduction of Annalai!
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This time I would like to tell you about Annalai.  Annalai lives in Sweden, not far from Stockholm. She loves corsets (who would think otherwise?) and both modern and old-fashioned clothes. As far as the latter are concerned, her affection goes from the Medieval to the 1900’s and on to the 40‘s and the 50‘s. So that covers the era I love most, i.e. the Victorian and the period shortly after that (which features straight-front corsets!). Annalai is small; her height is about 1.50 meters (just under 5 feet), her shoe size is 35 (Am: 4.5-5), and she weighs 41 kg (91 lbs), corset not included. For sure, she is a little lady, a “puppet” as I often call her. When she goes out with her two teen-ager daughters, from a distance, it is difficult to tell that one of them is the mother! 

Annalai’s Previous Corset Experiences

Like most ladies, Annalai started by wearing soft corsets. After her first of-the-shelf corset, two custom-made corsets followed. Annalai calls the first of them “DR,” which stands for “Dusty Rose,” and the second “TD,” which stands for something humorous (guess what). Below you see Annalai in her of-the-shelf corset, then and her DR and TD. The pictures were taken March/April 2001, January 2003, and May 2003, respectively. Look at the progress in waist reduction she has achieved so far! She started with a waist of some 61 cm over the corset. In her last custom-made corset, she achieved a waist of 47.5 cm, being able to keep it like that for a full day in November 2003. This progress is partly due to her practice, since November 2002, of wearing corsets overnight.


The Leather Corset I Made for Annalai

Mainly because she was so well-motivated and experienced, I started to make a corset for the “Puppet.” We had extensive correspondence about measurements. The first try-on exercise was quite exciting for us. It turned out that the corset was a bit too wide at the hips. More tightness was needed, so that the upper body would be better supported and the muscles would not have to compete with, and fight against, the corset. The waist could be a bit smaller as well. Now, when fully closed, the corset will produce a 45,5 cm (18 inch) waist!  Thus, as a result of her excellent waist training, we gave the new corset a considerable hip-spring.

Also, to ensure good posture at all times, I included shoulder straps, as historically correct as I could design and make them. The pairs of holes alongside each row of lacing holes in the back are for the attachment of the shoulder straps. The shoulder straps cannot be taken off. So, Annalai wears them day and night!

Below you see two pictures of the corset. The idea was that the corset keeps in the tummy.  It should not be a real straight-front corset. As in the Sylphide and Lacie corsets (described later), there are three stiff steel stays in the front of the corset, with softer stays at the side and back. The corset is partially lined with leather and partly with fabric. 




Below you see the first pictures we made after the corset was ready. Annalai wore the corset only for a few hours the first time. She slept the first night in her TD, but thereafter she has worn the new black corset for some three weeks now, almost uninterruptedly. That period started with six hours driving in the car, a two-hour flight, more driving, and so on.

The general rule: “One must suffer to be beautiful, etc,” certainly applies
   to becoming beautiful through figure training. Sometimes you have a 
   hard time getting used to a certain corset. This was no exception:
   Annalai’s uppermost ribs did hurt, now and then, in the beginning,
   because they had not been encapsulated in either one of the previous
   corsets. And her back did hurt a bit in the morning because of the
   slightly new posture.  The smallest waist Annalai has at certain
   pictures is 45,7 cm (very close to 18 inches). On other pictures her waist
   is 47.5 cm (18 ¾ inches). (All measurements are over the corset.)

Annalai and I would appreciate hearing your opinion about what we present. We are happy to answer questions. So, feel free to write to

If there is interest we could present more pictures in due time.  Enjoy the eleven pictures below!

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